Monday, August 24, 2009


Sunday we ventured out to the zoo with our friends from TRF "The Alby's". We went to the Como Zoo and let's just say there are a lot of interesting animals inside the cages and in the crowd (but maybe that's what you get at a free zoo).

Chase really enjoys the water exhibits. He really gets a kick out of any kind of waterfall. (lots of oohs and ahhs) We got to see a lot of the animals many were awake and roaming around. The verdict is still out on whether there are any wolves there. I've been there a couple times now and never have seen them.

Above is a shot of the kids. I would say pretty darn good shot of them too.
Chase, Kylie, Aden, Aliyah, & Brenna
Also a picture of Chase on his way home from the zoo.

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