Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 Year and 1 year photo shoot

Back in May we took the boys to Paula for their yearly pictures.  Of course my healthy baby wakes up that morning with a fever and cranky (darn shots).  So he didn't really want much to do with sitting still to take a picture.  She managed to get enough good shots of him so it makes me hard to pick my favorite. 
Chase on the other hand was a ham and didn't want her to stop taking pictures of him.  Such a change from a year and a half ago when she took his pictures and I think we got him to smile once. 
Below are just a few of their pictures.  I'm just getting around to ordering prints for family and us so thought I would share some on the blog. 
She does great with kids and has a great studio for shooting and goes out to other locations too. 


Champion seats at the Twins game!!!

Eric got some tickets to the Twins game on the 4th which were for the Champions Club.  With the tickets besides seats behind home plate we got valet parking, a buffet before/during/after the game, free snacks all though the game, free drinks, access to the sky deck level, a window to watch the indoor batting cages, padded seats, a waitress, and the best thing on a hot day the option of air conditioning.  At any time you could just leave your seat and go underneath to the dinning area in the a/c with of course a full bar and food to eat.  It was a very nice way to see a baseball game on a really hot day!!!  Since it was so hot that day I drank more water than beer but Eric made up for both of us on the beer.  My camera wasn't working the best (Brayden got a hold of it that weekend) so all the pictures indoors were really blurry.  I took a couple with my phone but not a lot.  So not a ton of pictures to share.  I would recommend these seats to anyone.  Eric got ours for a discount so if possible do it that way. 
This is where we parked and entered. It was underneath the stadium.

The candy bar was just one of the many stations they had for food. Which was included with the tickets.

A shot from our seats of the Twins dugout.
Eric next to one of the World Series Trophies

Me next to the other World Series Trophies.

Joe Mauer

Warm ups (not sure why but my camera had a white haze on everything must have been the heat)

4th of July Weekend up the road

We continued our no weekends at home summer over the 4th.  We drove the 10 miles up the road to Crystal to stay with the Rislov's and play in their backyard play land.  Of course since Brayden never sits still except nap time we were busy chasing him around so didn't get many pictures.  Here is a couple from the long enjoyable weekend.  Lots of grilling, swimming, fireworks, drinks, and campfire fun. 

Landon and Brayden snack time.  Next year these two should be able to join in more with the other kids.
Look I'm raising a little sun-tan God just like his mommy!!

A video of Chase and Addy.  Love this copy each other age.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boys will be Girls?

Since I probably will never know what a girl is like to raise I don't mind when the boys show interest in girly things.  See pictures below!!!

Brayden found some shell necklace to wear one morning. 

I don't wear headbands often but have some in a drawer and Brayden found them one morning and he's so darn smart he was trying to put it on his head.  (How did he know that?) I helped him put it on and he walked around proudly.  Check out the crazy hair that kid has. 

This picture was just funny!!  2 boys all in blue and Chase had a blue ring pop too.  (playing in the laundry basket)

Chase in some white sandals. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation for Jenny & girls!!

For 3 years running now a group of us girls have taken a weekend in the summer around central MN to get together no men and no kids.  It's always a really good time and I always come home with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.  This year we headed a little more north to Walker.  We stayed at Hiawatha Beach resort in a cabin.  They had a great beach and we were able to get in some much needed uninterrupted sun!!!
We decided to extend our stay one more night and got there on Thursday.  It was a good idea because it gave us the whole day on Friday to lay out, drink, and eat.  We went into Walker for some karaoke on Friday night and found a fun bar to dance and drink at.  The shuttle from the resort said they would pick us up when we were ready to come back.  On the trip back the lady driving the van says "I think the tires might be low." Her drunk husband (she had picked up also) says "oh we are fine".  A couple miles outside Walker on the side of HWY 371 we blow a tire and it's 2:00am in the morning.  Of course the man can't find the jack or the tire.  As you can see from the picture below those ladies that knew what they were doing did most of the work.  I will admit I just stood back and held my new cellphone with my handy flashlight app.  We managed to get it changed and back to our cabin around 3:30am.  Good times let me tell you!! 
Until next year!!

Jason Kubel #16

Eric sold Jason Kubel a truck recently.  Eric made sure he got what he was looking for and handled all the other extra stuff.  He said he was a super nice and normal guy.  When picking up his truck he signed a baseball for Chase.  Chase was so excited about it he slept with it that night.  It was pretty sweet because he held onto it for most of the night just like it was his baby. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Part #3

For the last stop on our 9 days of vacation we headed up to Leach Lake in Walker.  Eric's dad rents a big cabin so we can all spend the weekend together.  This year we lost Cheri and the girls due to working conflicts.  Once again the weather wasn't the best.  At least it was warmer than 50 degrees like a couple years ago.  It becomes hard to entertain 2 little busy boys and we soon found out Walker didn't have much to do.  When they get a little older they can spend all day on the lake fishing like the rest of the crew.  Ed and Sue watched the boys one night so we could head to the casino.  I don't think the kids gave them too much trouble so it was a nice evening for all of us. 
On Sunday when we made our trek back home it was Father's Day.  At Chase's request he wanted to return to the mini golf course in Jenkins we had been to earlier in the week.  Since it made him so happy Eric agreed to stop on our way back. 
Below are some pictures from our trip there. Chase didn't golf as well as he did the second time around but still had a lot of fun doing it. 

Chase and Brayden happy to be home after a long trip even help me unpack!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The second leg of our vacation was at a cabin in Nisswa. We stayed at the Good Ol' Days Family Resort in Nisswa and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a family vacation. ( This place had it all.!! They had a volleyball court, playground, basketball court, game room, bikes and a really nice sandy beach. Also they served a continental breakfast each morning so we didn't have to cook all our meals.

Eric drove up from the cities and met us on Sunday. My parents, sister, and nephew also came down to join us too. We soon filled up the cabin and it was just like home. Eric also had his dad's boat so we could do some fishing too. And the St Louis Park Bjorgaard's were a couple miles away at Breezy Point so we were able to use their indoor pool as well. Of course as always the weather plays a big factor in these vacations. The first couple days were really nice than it rained and wasn't as sunny the rest of the time. We were still able to get out and do stuff just wasn't my favorite thing to do which is lay out by the beach.
We did some shopping in Nisswa, turtle races, mini golfing, fishing, and grandma/grandpa even watched the boys one night so Eric and I could head out to a movie.
Here are a bunch of pictures from the week.

Front of our cabin

Back of cabin
We didn't catch a lot of fish!

Turtle Races
This was the game room.

Brayden learned to climb and now says "Get Down"

Playing video games

Look Justin Bieber in Nisswa!!!
Chase at the candy store!!