Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fonzie turns 9!!

The birthday's continue at the Bjorgaard household. Russ was in the beginning of March and now Fonzie. Next Chase, Brayden and me in the next 3 mths. Can't believe we have had this guy for 9 years now. He was our only baby for a long time. These days not as much attention is paid to him. He takes it in stride. He is so great with the kids! Only tries to take their food when it's at his level. He is the only one of the kids that gets to sleep with us every night. He takes his spot at the foot of the bed every night and snores away. In the photo below he has made his way next to Eric just like Chase does. He spends most days sleeping in his old age. When it's sunny out he takes his spot out on the front stairs. He still enjoys any food you give him and is always present at the dinner table. To celebrate his birthday we bought cookies to make. They were Easter Bunny sugar cookies ones but figured what the heck. We even gave the Fonz a whole cookie. (he's old now what is it going to hurt) Below the boys enjoying their cookies.

Fonzie you are truly woman's best friend. When I come home each night most days you hear me and come wagging your butt. When ever I do get a chance to sit down you are always there to try to hump my arm when you finally get the hint that's not going to happen you make a great foot warmer. I wish there was more time to spend walking you, playing with you, and even napping with you..

Here is a baby picture of Fonzie. He was 8lbs when we got him and has grown to be 38lbs of muscle and a big lovable baby.

Happy St Patty's Day!!!(A week late)

I should have been out celebrating with the rest of the Irish people but instead I was at home on mom duty. Not such a bad thing I guess. I got my two little Irish man matching t-shirts for the big holiday. I even picked up some green popcorn for us to have. It was Chase's last day of swimming too so I got to join him in the pool for his last class of Baby Back float 2 while Eric had to work.

Here are a couple pictures of Mommy's 2 little Irish man. (sorry about the butt side of Fonzie in the shot)

Chase is super excited about his green mug!

Brayden is looking for more beer for his mug!

Until next year!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Chase you are so funny!!

Chase (aka Charlie Brown) personality is really coming out these days. He's only 1 month away from turning 3 years old. He has a great new story for you pretty much everyday. He loves to push our buttons daily and is a ball of energy. He is smart and brings up random stuff we did months ago. Like "lets go to the zoo like we did before" (haven't been there since last fall). Or "I think we need to go to the Dollar store today to get more swords." (Russ hasn't taken him there for a while either due to the weather)

I'm happy to report after many failed attempts he's finally getting the whole potty ideal down. He's starting to tell us when he has to go and loves wearing those cute undies. I haven't had to buy him diapers for a while. That sure is nice!!

He's still really into sports. This week it's still boxing but he has added soccer now too. He has started his 3rd session of swimming. In this one we will be in the pool for half the session and the other half he will be by himself.

Lately his new movie to watch again and again is Bambi. He is also loving the new pirate cartoon on Disney. We are planning a pirate birthday party for him this year. We are also working on writing letters/numbers and drawing in the lines. He needs some work on these things.

He makes us laugh with his cute statements. "I'm so excited for the snow to melt! Finally I can go to the park and get on my slides." & "It's o.k. to have cupcakes for dinner if I eat 2."

Here are a couple random pictures from Chase's world.

Came home from work to this one day. They were all there to watch him box. He likes to line up things. What does that mean?
Chase pounding some Sharks at the bowling alley arcade.

Chase bowling. Tired to get a picture of him putting the ball on the ramp and pushing it down the lane but he's so fast I couldn't get a good shot.

Since he can dress himself now he sometimes likes to pick out his own outfits. This one he calls his bumble bee outfit. Yes those are shorts over pants and of course his slippers he got a Christmas and has wore holes in them already.

Here is a video of what he did with all the toys from the 1st picture.

Brayden double digits 10mths

Brayden giving me his best smile.
Cleaning the lazy susan gave Brayden somewhere fun to hide.

A rare moment the 2 of them getting along.

Brayden playing with the i-pad or at least trying to.

Brayden and his baby

Brayden has made it live to 10 months. His big brother continues to taunt him. He steals his toys, knocks him down, and tries to box him. Brayden takes it all in stride. He is one tough baby!! He isn't always happy these days though. He has been such a great baby I knew eventually he would start to have a cranky time. He has a couple hours a day where he wants to be held and walked around. There is a period in the morning and mostly the evening (dinner time) when this occurs. He's really moving around now. His walking is his main form of transportation. He's falling less too so that is a relief to us.

His new joy is food!!! He has always been a little piggy but he's ready to eat anything. You cut it up small enough and he'll eat it. It's getting to the point now where he isn't a fan of his baby food that much. Don't blame him there is better stuff out there to eat.

No check up this month and haven't weighed him yet this month. Only has the 2 bottom teeth we were hoping all his crankiness would produce more teeth but so far nothing.

Another big event he is finally sleeping though the night!! He gets up around 6 now to eat and is up for the day. It makes for getting ready in the morning a little more challenging. But in return a good night sleep!!