Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Egg time

Chase was so excited to decorate eggs this year.  Which I have to admit I've been waiting for him to be because I used to love to do it as well.  I had a kit left over from last year I found in our Easter decorations so for the last month he has been asking me every day when we could do it. I picked a cold Saturday and we got to work.  I was trying to talk him into drawing on the eggs with a crayon to make a design on the egg. But he just wanted to put them in the dye and leave them until they were ready. 

This was Brayden's way of decorating eggs.  He played on the Ipad.  He didn't want any part of it which I'm o.k. with because I'm sure we all would have been covered in dye. 
The finished products!! Of course I didn't read the decorations all the way through and messed up my eggs (the pink dyed ones). I guess you aren't suppose to put vinegar with the pink one.  So the eggs we put in the pink just came out with pink slime on them. I tired to fix it by adding food coloring in it and we ended up with a reddish egg.  Oh well it was fun trying different things. 

Chase left a picture for the Easter bunny and the eggs.  It was the one I had colored because he said he doesn't do a good job at coloring in the lines.  The Easter bunny in turned left them each a basket and took all the eggs.  He didn't take the picture but left Chase and Brayden a "Thank you note" on it.  Chase got a book of Bugs because he's so into bugs right now.  Brayden got letter fridge magnets because he's so into letters right now.  And also pottery barn sport sheets for their new bedding.  Who knew the Easter Bunny shopped at Pottery Barn.

We were hosting Easter for the family so we decided to have the egg hunt in the living room so I could do it quickly. Plus Brayden probably would have ran away anyways had we had it outside.  Chase did most of the egg finding.  Brayden found a couple that were in plain sight and he was good.

Even Fonzie was hiding eggs

His shirt says "Chicks Dig Me" so cute!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ricky Rubio the Hamster

So many of you have heard that Chase has a hamster named Ricky Rubio thanks to his on air interview at the T-wolves game.  This pet was all uncle Russ's idea and he lives with uncle Russ in his bedroom.  I had hamsters growing up and look back at it now as big mistakes!! But Chase is to help take care of him and help clean the cage and make sure he gets his exercise.  And Chase does a good job of taking care of him. He enjoys the weekly cage cleanings (too young to not like it I guess) and he enjoys feeding him fruit as a snack.  There has been a couple issues he got out one weekend. We figure Brayden left the cage open the night before and he escaped during the night.  Russ spend all afternoon searching for him.  He found him under the steps which is a storage space. He pulled out the last tote and there he was huddle against the wall stuck but safe.  Than the other weekend Chase was trying to pet him and he took a bite out of Chase's finger nail.  Chase didn't make a sound but once it started bleeding he started crying. It bleed pretty good too.  He told us he didn't want Ricky anymore and to get rid of him.  But of course after a week he likes him again.  (oh darn!)

Here are some pictures of Ricky in his exercise ball.  It's kind of hard to seem him but he is a teddy bear hamster I believe and has almost doubled in size since he got him.  The last picture is a shot of Ricky's home. 

If you haven't seen his now famous video click on the link below.  It's pretty cute and still gets a lot of hits on You Tube. 

Check out this great MSN video: Ricky Rubio the pet hamster

St Patty's Day 2012!

Not the best group shot in our green but it was hard enough to get this shot.

Even though St Patty's day was on a Saturday and I felt I should be out there with the other Irish I was at home being a mom.  The boys and I made some green banana bread to start out the day.  It tasted the same just looked a little moldy.  It was such a nice day out we hit a couple parks than in the afternoon headed down to Eric's mom's place in Hastings for an over night visit.  Grandpa Randy had found a steal at a garage sale (already) and got the boys a skeeball/basketball hoop thing. Chase knew just want to do but Brayden being smaller tried to shoot from right next to the basket vs at the end and kept causing the whole thing to collapse. 
We enjoyed the warm weather and grilled, had some beers, and of course enjoyed green banana bread.  The warm weather and chasing little men around all day had this Irish lady sleeping by 10:30.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bridger Turns 4!!!

The 2 boys and I made the trip up for Bridger's 4th Birthday. The boys have such a good time playing together now it's sad to leave and go home. Bridger's party started out at The Black Cat for a breakfast brunch, gifts, and cake. Than we headed over to "Lover's Lane Park" for some sledding. Now again this was the first part of March and they had more snow than the cities but it was melting fast. We were all pretty wet by the end of our time there.

Here are some pictures of Bridger's big day:
Spider man his favorite super hero
Of course my boys just wanted to play with the dart board and pool table.

Lindsay and boys sledding.  It was hard to get good speed since it was so wet.

Hard to see but even Grandpa Mike took a trip down the hill.

Brayden found the playground at "Lover's Lane"
It's hard to see but there was some poor snowman the boys went after.  I could hear in the distance let's knock his head off.  Huh so such sweet boys!!

Lindsay pulling all the boys.

Here was some more fun from the weekend.  Since it was so nice out the boys dressed all up and hit grandma/grandpa's yard.  It was one of the few times we really got to play in snow this year. 
Prowler Fans!!
Grandpa was standing in the window making faces so the boys decided to unload as many snow balls as they could make at him. 

Than they took it to the front door.  Oh what fun they had!