Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!!


May 1st 2004

Hard to believe but it's been 6 years already since Eric and I got married. As you know we were middle school sweethearts (which means we dated for a whole 10 months back than). In high school went our separate ways. But came together again in 1999. I've been living in the cities 10 years now so we spent 4 years dating and now 6 years married. Time files when you are having fun!!

It was a beautiful May Day back in 2004. We got married at Westwood Lutheran church in St Louis Park and had a great reception at the Sheraton in Minnetonka. For our honeymoon we went to Blue Finn Bay Resort up in the North Shore area. We haven't been back but hope to go again some day.

I thought I would share some pictures of Eric and I though the early years.

June 1999

June 1993-Last day of 10th Grade.
Not a couple here (Eric wishes look how hot I am in that outfit)
Katie & Kara also in this oldie.

According to the back of this photo this was the end of
7th Grade garage party. (June 1990)
Yes that is Eric and I!!
We are so young and skinny!!!
(Look I have on mom jeans!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Year Photo Session

A couple weeks ago we had Chase's 2 year old photo shoot at JCPenney's. Let me just say not the best experience of our lives. He didn't want to be there and keep leaving the studio. Eric tried like heck to get him to smile for the lady but he just wasn't having it. Left me almost in tears. It did make it easy to pick out photos since there was only a couple to pick from.

Here are a couple pics from his session. I scanned them and they didn't scan very well. The first shot we couldn't resist getting. No we aren't making him take an oath. He did that on his own. On the second shot sure looks like he's about to cry but I thought it was cute. And the finally shot he smiled.

May Baby's A Coming!!

So here is a couple belly shots of my good friend Jeanne and I a couple weeks ago. Jeanne is due May 22nd and I'm due May 19th (so we are a little over 35 weeks here). As we know I'll be having baby May 13th (not planning any sooner). And Jeanne well she could go any day now. She was 3 weeks early on her first baby.

The McBride's are having a little boy this time around to add to the family. Their little girl Avery turned 2 in Feb.

So we could end up in the hospital at the same time but it will be different hospitals. Won't that be funny!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chase's new hat

Grandpa and Grandma wanted to get Chase and cousin Bridger some Twins baseball caps. Not as easy to find as you would think. Before leaving to head back to TRF I brought them to Lids at the mall. Sure enough they had some the boy's size. Grandpa even paid the extra money to have their names put on them.
One more step towards being a baseball player. Uncle Russ also got him a pitching machine this week so he can practice even more.

Kids Birthday cakes

So for Chase's Birthday last week I decided I wanted to make him a cake and not order one. My mom used to make us cakes figured it couldn't be that hard. I decided since it was a Mickey Mouse party theme I would have to do a Mickey Cake. I couldn't find a Mickey Mouse cake pan with out paying big bucks on E-bay. I was telling this to my sister in-law when she says "I might have a Mickey Mouse cake pan." Sure enough she did and it's exactly what I was looking for.

My mom was down here to help and we got started on Saturday at 2:00 after Chase went down for a nap. The cake batter went into the pan fine but was taking a long time to bake. It was finally done and had cooled when I went to take it out this is what happen.

So we had to go to plan B which was use a couple different shape round cake pans and make his head and ears. This all went a lot better but took some time to do since we had to bake the 3 pieces at different times. We had to make a trip to the store for more cake mixes and the party store for an icing kit. Which they didn't have Mickey Mouse so we bought a Dora Explorer icing kit. (we were looking for skin tone color) This is how they turned out before the frosting.

My mom gets all the credit for getting this cake frosted. We used a chocolate spray can of frosting for his ears and around his head. She made up a batch of white icing and than we mixed up the skin tone color from the Dora icing kit. Only to realize that Dora is Mexican and we were going to have a dark skin Mickey. She mixed more white icing in and it came out perfect. Just added the tongue, eyes, and a nose and 11:00 that night we had a Mickey Mouse cake with 24 cupcakes.

Lesson here: It would have been easier to buy a cake at a store!!! I will not be quiting my day job to pursue cake making.

The Final Result-Thanks Grandma Sue!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chase Turns 2!!!

Should I put my finger in it or wait?
Chase Mouse
His new Buzz Lightyear out door chair.
Looks like an angel here.

Uncle Russ got him a trike & helmet

We told Addy she had to give him a kiss before she
could ride the trike. She didn't hesitate for a sec.

2 candles to mark the day and a new Woody doll too.

On Sunday Chase turned the big 2. We had a Mickey Mouse BBQ on Sunday with family and friends. We had Mickey mouse burgers, brats, and of course hot dogs. Grandma Char made her potato salad and Grandma Sue helped make his Mickey mouse birthday cake.

Chase enjoyed opening his gifts more this year. He got a summer wardrobe, Toy Story stuff, books, Thomas the train set, some movies, and a trike from Uncle Russ. And many more great things. His favorite gift actually came from us. We got him a Woody doll from the movie Toy Story. He hasn't put it down since than.

I can't believe it's already been 2 years since Chase's birth. We went on a Wed that week and finally had him early Friday morning. So worth the wait and pain. He's developed into such a little man. The things he repeats now are crazy. He's a smart little boy who knows his ABC's, colors, counts to almost 20, and is now learning his shapes. He loves playing sports, the WII, and going to the park. All in all a typical little boy (I guess). We are very blessed to have this healthy little guy in our lives. And to think I didn't want a boy and now can't imagine not having one.

His 2 year appointment could of went a lot better. As soon as we got back to the exam room. He just started to cry and they weren't even doing anything to him. It was the longest 15 min ever. Cried through the whole appointment and even tried leaving the room a couple times. I'm just going to say Eric owes me for this one. He didn't even need shots at this appointment. So not sure where all the drama was coming from but it was extremely ugly.

His status at 2 years are: weight-34 lbs (96%), height-36 1/4 inches (90%), and head-19 3/4 (90%). She said he was healthly and a strong little guy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Birthday Weekend

Chase will be 2 on Sunday the 18th. So it's officially his Birthday weekend. I met my parents half way last night and picked up Grandma to come stay with us. Grandpa has to work over the weekend.

We will be having a Mickey Mouse BBQ tomorrow. And it looks like the weather will be great for the event. As for today we will just kind of hang out and get things ready. We will also attempt to make a mickey mouse cake later when Chase is napping. (should be interesting) I think we will take Grandma on our monthly trip to Panera Bread for breakfast and than do a little shopping.

Here is a shot of the Birthday boy this morning riding his trusty side-kick "the Fonz".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Target Field (WOW!!!)

The view from our seats and Minny's skyline.

The Minny and Paul Sign in the outfield

The Plaza

My 1st hot dog at the new field. It was excellent!!
The "Man" Joe Mauer

The outfield
The Budweiser Deck-they rent out this top spot for private parties.

Eric was able to score some tickets for this exciting opening week at the new field. Nothing better than taking a half day from work and going to a ball game. We decided not to bring Chase this time. The Delacy's joined us for the game. I was a little late since it took me forever to find a place to park. Eric was down there at 10:30 to check out the place.
The day started out cloudy but by the time I reached my seat it was sunny and hot!! The place was all that and a bag of chips. It was surreal to walk into an outdoor stadium that was full of people (I got goosebumps). Such an improvement from the Metrodome. From all the great food stands to the plasma tv's everywhere, the water efficient toilets, charging stations for your cell phones, and the field itself. This is the way baseball should be played.
We did some exploring of the place but mostly watched the game. Our seats were between 3rd base and home plate. We were 5 rows back in our section but there is also a dugout section in front of where we sat. We were fully in the sun (part of the rows are covered). I managed to get sun burnt. Can you believe that a sun burn in April in MN!!!
Eric's quote was something like "you can take me now". It will be a great place to bring the kids to watch a baseball game instead of a stuffy dome. All in all a great half day off!!
Or yeah and the Twins pulled off another win 8-0 against the Red Sox.

Did a tornado hit this place?

Getting ready for new baby Eric decided to have the carpets cleaned. I believed we had them done before Chase came around too. They turned out great like the day we moved in 7 years ago. But certain rooms in the house look like a tornado has hit them. Chase on the other hand is liking all the open space to play. We might have to get a new vacuum to keep them looking this great.
Hopefully they can stay this clean until baby #2 is crawling. (yeah right!!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter pictures come lately

Chase attempting to give Addy a hug.

Chase and his bowling set.

We stayed back for Easter this year and went to church with family and friends. Than we headed out for brunch. Which was good but we had to wait an hour to be seated. No fun waiting with small kids. Than we headed back home for a relaxing afternoon.

The Easter Bunny brought Chase a bowling set. Ever since Russ took him to the bowling alley one afternoon he can't stop talking about going bowling again. We also had a small egg hunt with candy and money. Once he discovered candy in the one egg he really didn't want to look for any more eggs. But he eventually found them all.

Grandpa made a surprise visit last week and also brought him some goodies and he had another egg hunt. Next year I'm sure he'll really be into in.

The Next American Idol?

You be the judge. AI 2030?
Chase signing a little "Wheels on the Bus" and his "ABC's".

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chase's new bedroom set on it's way!!

So after a lot of looking (and I mean alot). I finally found a bedroom set that should work great in Chase's new pad. He's moving into the old guest room (which is pretty small) while baby moves into his current room. I figure in a couple years if he wants to he can move back into the baby's room and get the bigger bedroom. And also an excuse for me to re-decorate another room. Or if baby #2 is a boy I might move them both into the bonus room (in a couple years) which is a lot bigger and make them share a space.

Bad thing about the bedroom set. Is that it's going to take a couple weeks to get here. We had it shipped to the house for shipping to the store would have taken longer(??). So in the next couple weeks I need to repaint his new room and get ready for the furniture to come.

I found the bed at Totally Kids Fun Furniture in Bloomington. Really cute store but they mostly had bunk beds and loft beds on the show room floor. This model I found on their website So I haven't got to see it in person yet so really excited too.

Here's a picture of the new bed. It's a twin size and we also ordered a dresser to match. His room is being done in blues, whites, and oranges. He has a space theme going on. Sure hope he likes it!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby #2-34 Week ultrasound

Quick update on my last ultrasound. Had one this morning it took 6 mins and I was out of there. The doctor only ordered a BPP (biophysical profile) which means check of the amniotic fluid and heart rate check. I think they call these a non-stress test also. So when I asked her the weight and for pictures she said dr didn't order that and insurance won't pay for that so couldn't get it. LAME!!! She said everything looked good and I was an 8 out of 8. So I guess I'm happy with that. Baby was moving all around in there. Heart beat was 126.
Not much more to report. I'm huge and will try to get a belly shot up on the blog. (Kara you must come visit if I do this).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is here!!!

No snow in March is still crazy for us to believe. But than add 70 and 80 degree temps it really makes for a great spring so far. Russ and Chase have been spending a lot of time already at the parks and playing outside. They play baseball, golf, basketball, and drive the four wheeler around.

Most nights I get home and Chase wants to head back outside to play. I don't think he cares about eating dinner each night just wants to play. To bad his mom doesn't see it the same way.

The other night he got on his four wheeler and we cruised around the development. He tired to head towards the park but his battery was almost dead on the four wheeler and there was no way I could of made it that far either.

Random March pictures

Chase helping Russ install the new dishwasher

Chase helping himself to some pizza

Chase at Ikea in the children's section. He made some new friends while playing in this section.

Chase at cousin Bridger's 2nd B-day party. He enjoyed skee-ball more than swimming.
Chase and Bridger enjoy the frosting.

Another month has went by and I've been not so good at blogging. Not much going on in the Bjorgaard home. Well I shouldn't say that. I'm trying to get ready for baby #2 by re-organizing the whole place. But I'm finding this really hard working full time and than coming home to a very busy toddler. Plus it doesn't help that Eric works pretty much every night. And no one (except maybe another baby) will take away my Saturday naps. I guess if it gets done it gets done.
I've been busy looking for a new bedroom set for Chase's big boy room. Along with new bedding, paint, and accessories. I'm also redecorating the guest bathroom upstairs. Pictures to follow soon. We have added a door onto our bonus room upstairs and will be moving the guest bed into there. We just sent our pull out couch, coffee table, and desk up to Eric's sister so we would have more space. I hated getting rid of the couch but there just wasn't room. So for you visitors we still have room for you.

Our dishwasher also stop working. We thought we had it fixed only to find out there was a hole in the drain tube so Russ's room in the basement got wet again. It went into the ceiling and onto his mattress so we had to get rid of that and buy a new one. Plus in the end we (Eric) decided to go buy a new dishwasher. So far so good!! But some added expenses we weren't planning for.

Baby update!! Last check up went good but having one more ultrasound next week to check growth and fluid levels. I'm hoping to get pictures so I'll post those next week. She said baby's growth looked good and heartbeat was good. She said he/she was still high which is what they want to see at this stage. I'm feeling good but slowing down a little.