Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation -Part #1

The boys and I spent 9 days on the road this month. Our first stop was back to TRF for my cousin's wedding. This was the boy's 1st wedding and all I can say it might be their last for a while. Amber and Jake are baseball fans and got married in the outfield of a baseball field. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Now as far as the boys go it's a different story. Chase decided after 10 mins of sitting in a chair waiting for a wedding to start was long enough. He proceeded to run the bases on the field during the whole service. His khaki pants were a dark tan from the dirt and he was drenched due to sweat from all the running in the sun he had done. So we had to make an outfit change before the reception.
At the reception the boys wanted no part of eating or sitting still. After being there for 20 mins we had to leave. As Brayden spit up milk all over me and I had to go home and change. (2nd outfit change) Also Chase kept grabbing cupcakes from the reception line. (Oh you can't take these kids anywhere!)I decided to have my sister text me when the reception was done and the dance had started. We made our final attempt to stay at the dance. The boys did much better. Brayden feel asleep about an hour into it. Chase took a while to warm up but soon he was on the dance floor mostly doing his WII moves. But Cousin Bridger and he showed everyone their boxing moves also. I think they may have had some people thinking the two of them were really fighting but playing was more the case.

Here are some pictures from the wedding/dance. Along with a video of Chase's hip dance moves. I'm going to say he gets that from Eric.
 I'm only sorry I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom.  To busy with the kids. 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chase's 1st day of school

We decided to enroll Chase into an 8 week summer preschool program in Hopkins so he can have a little more kid social time.  Also to get used to the fact that there are more people out there besides us and uncle Russ.  He started on Tuesday and everything seemed to go o.k. Eric and I brought him and there were no tears when we left which I was a little nervous about.  The night before he had asked if Russ, daddy, or I could come with him and stay with him at school.  Once we got in the classroom he found a toy and didn't even care when we left.  I even held it together and didn't cry.  The program is 2 times a week a couple hours in the morning.  I hope he enjoys it because we have enrolled him already for the next school year with the same schedule. 

Here are some shots of him and us on his 1st day.

Not sure what is with this smile.  (so hard to get a good smile out of the kid)

Me and my big guy!

He looks so sad in this picture :(

A little pre-basketball game before school.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Addy and Chase reading books in bed

Russ watched Addy one afternoon and I guess they decided to read some books in Chase's bed.  This was mid-May and Chase picks out Halloween books to read.  (it's his mom's favorite holiday so we have a lot of Halloween books)  I know the book says something about pointy nose, pointy face.  It's referring to a witch but Chase seems to be reading that line over and over again.  So cute!! Is this a Eric and Sarah jr romance?

Random pictures from May

Here are some random shots from May of the boys.  The video is what a typical dinner sounds like at our house.  Sure glad Brayden is starting to talk?!


Brayden looking for trouble.

Chase reading his new fav books.  "I Spy" Books

A proud potty training boy!  Almost has it down.  Pretty much pull ups on certain occasions now.

The one picture I took Memorial Weekend.  Chase driving the Rislov's 4-wheeler.

Bike time!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chase passes his 3rd session of swimming!!!

Chase started his 3rd swimming session at Foss this spring.  The class was Baby Back Float 4 which started with one of us in the pool with him for the first couple of weeks and eventually just him in the pool.  It took a couple times for Eric to be able to get out of the pool and Chase to not cry. But by the end of the session it was like we had never been in there with him to begin with.  He is doing great at putting his face in the water and swimming with his face in the water.  He is so strong with his big hands splashing all over the place.  If he can just get both of his big feet kicking at the same time he'll be a better swimmer than his mom. 
We are heading on vacation to a lake this weekend so hopefully he can put what he has learned to work. 
His taking the summer off from lessons but when he goes back in the fall he gets to skip a whole class because he did so well. 

Below some photos and a video of his class.

Brayden's 1st Twins game and the Drury's 1st trip to Target Field

Eric was able to score a bunch of free tickets to the Twins game on Sunday. The seats weren't all in the same sections but the Drury/Bjorgaard's along with the Rislov's were able to all get a seat and enjoy a great day at the ball park.  It was crazy how some of our seats were in the sun so some of us were hot and sun burnt.  The other seats in the same sections just rows up had jackets on and freezing.  But it's still great to see baseball played outside where it belongs. 
Grandpa and Brayden

An attempt at a Family shot

Bridger and Lindsay

On the field where the big boys play.

Eric enjoying the game.

The boys enjoyed the game as well.  Chase enjoyed a hot dog and a bag of cotton candy almost has tall as he is.  Brayden was great at the game for as busy as he is. He had lots of smiles for the people around us.  He enjoyed clapping but was a little behind the rest of the fans.  Bridger found a bat at the gift shop and also found time to take a nap.  We hung around for the whole game even though they lost (big time).  On Sunday's they let the kids run the bases after the game.  We decided we better get in line to do that.  It was cool to be on the field where the big boys play.  The boys enjoyed it but I think us adults enjoyed watching them run the bases more.

An afternoon with Chase and Bridger

Here are some shots I took of Chase and Bridger watching the neighbor's landscaping crew do their job.  It was cute because they look like 2 little old men in deep discussion about something important. 

Brayden's birthday weekend didn't bring the nicest weather.  On Saturday we decided to leave Brayden to bond with Grandpa and we took the 3 year olds to the Mall of America for some rides.  Of course it was around nap time before we headed out but figured we would chance it and hope they behaved themselves. The boys rode the big rigs, a train, a roll coaster, the merry go round, and some hot air balloons.  I myself was getting sick of going around in circles.  But the boys enjoyed it.  I got some pictures from the outing but not a ton.  Chase's favorite ride the hot air balloons.  My favorite ride was the Barnyard roller coaster (everyone was giggling on this one).  

The best part about the afternoon was I got to spend sometime with just Chase.  It has been a while since it was just the two of us.  I'm always the main person looking after Brayden so don't get the quality time with Chase anymore.  He's becoming such a little man.  He is starting to ask questions about everything and asking for meanings behind things.  I sure hope I'm giving him the correct answers.  He starts summer adventure school June 7th. So sad to see the guy grow up and not be my baby anymore. And I know this is only the beginning.