Friday, November 18, 2011

Apple Orchard

I figured there is no snow on the ground yet so I'm o.k. to post these pictures from the Apple Orchard.  We chose one in Delano this year.  We went early in the season but when we did the pick your own there was not much to pick from.  So was pretty much a bust.  Lots of rotten ones on the ground and trees. We ended up buying from their store.  But we did walk around in an attempt to pick apples.

I should have zoomed in on Brayden in these shots.  So cute!

See an apple 

Pick it up

And launch it!

Chase did manage to find one tree that didn't have rotten apples.  We had no idea what kind they were but bought some and liked them.
The darn cow train! We must ride at every orchard. One year I won't have to ride with them.
This pumpkin had apple cider in it and he had the cutest bitter face going on of course we couldn't get a shot of it. 

The biggest cookie ever!!  He probably could have eaten all of it too.

They both enjoyed playing in the hay bales.  Need these for our back yard.

Love this picture of the 2 of them.  Too bad Chase had to have that ugly Sherk watch which was a Happy Meal toy from a couple years ago.  No idea where he found it?

Adult Halloween Fun!!

I was in desperate need of an adult night out so Eric made a view calls and lined up a party bus his buddy Eric D has to use. We filled up the bus quickly with 14 of us and than planned our night out.  We made stops at Hopkins Tavern on Main, Park Tavern in SLP, and finally Stella's in Uptown.  Eric has connections there so we got in no cover and right to the front of the line plus we got a table once inside.  It was very nice to get VIP treatment on a much needed adult night out. 
The rules of the party bus was everyone must have a costume.  Everyone did very well and though we didn't win any contests that night it was still a good time!!
Below are a few pictures from the night.  I didn't take many once we left the house so I was a little bummed the next morning.  I didn't get the Delacy's and Eric was Bud Light Beer (picture Buzz Light Year) it was a really good costume.

The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
(Jared and Krista)

Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from the movie Anchorman
(this was my grandma's lesiure suit I wore)
Cher and her son/daughter Chaz Bono
(Ryan and Sarah)

The rest of the gang!!


My favorite holiday was another success.  This year we dressed up as Chase's favorite people the Peanuts.  Chase of course Charlie Brown, Brayden was Woodstock, and I was Lucy.  We got out early on Monday night and hit the neighborhood. We walked around most of our development before Chase told me his hands were freezing.  Than we did our usual drive to the SLP Bjorgaard's street for more treats!!!
We got more than enough candy as we still are eating it today almost a month later.  And Brayden can't even have most of it so that is bad for me!

This is our next door neighbor's house they go way out for Halloween covering the yard and house with decorations. 

This picture turned out too funny!!  Me standing next to my favorite slasher villain Jason Voorhees and it looks like he's going to chop my head off.  Love it!!
Candy bags

I had bought some small pumpkins at the Farmer's market and we painted them.  Chase took a different approach to painting them.  Just covering them with as much paint as he could.   
Some sad looking pumpkins.  Eric and I ended up craving these ourselves.  Brayden was sleeping and the neighbor boy was over so Chase had no interest.  So Eric and I had spent some quality time craving pumpkins.

November Trip to TRF

I can't believe it's been a month since I've updated this Blog again.  I have a ton of vacation pictures and other things to put on here but I'll start from what we have been doing lately. 
Last weekend the boys and I (minus Eric) went to visit Grandma/Grandpa, cousin Bridger and Lindsay in TRF.  Chase and Bridger have so much fun now a far cry from when they were babies and Chase was scared of him.  And the big boys even let Brayden play with them a little.  We went to cousin Bridger's and played one day and went bowling another day.  The boys had fun playing basketball, hockey, and bad guys.  It was nice enough we enough got outside for a short time to kick the football around. 

Love his form here.

We are cousins and best buds here!!

Why play on the floor when you can climb in and out of Brayden's bed for the weekend.
We did Turkey hands with the boys.  Brayden's yet to come for he won't let me trace his hands.  Lindsay and I did all the work so it was more arts and crafts for us.  The left one is Chase's and the right one Bridger's (the body is made of their feet Chase's feet a little bigger than Bridger's)

Poor Brayden no Turkey Hands to show for but loves to take a picture so we let him in this shot.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Vacation Update

Can't believe our week is almost over here in Florida.  We flew in last Saturday night and got in really late (Sunday morning).  Checked into our Disney hotel at 1:30 am and finally got every one to sleep by 2:30.  Only to wake up to down pouring rain (3rd day straight) there.  So we decided not to do Disney that day.  We headed down to Anna Maria Island and checked into our vacation home. 
Monday again called for rain so we headed up to Tampa to pick up Russ from the airport and see what we could find to do there.  It ended up to be a perfect day and after getting Russ we hung out in St Petersburg for the day.
Tuesday we hung out at the house and beach.  After the beach back to the pool for lunch and naps.  Later in the day we went mini-golfing. (Eric's mom's 1st time) We find it hard to go out to eat with Brayden where it takes longer than 15 mins for a meal. The group found a restaurant and I begged Eric to bring Brayden and I back to the house so I could entertain him a little easier.  Eric rented a 8 passenger golf cart so we are all cruising the island in style.  Brayden's car seat straps in the back it's pretty cool!
Wednesday we headed to Disney World the Magic Kingdom.  Russ stayed back at the house he didn't want any part of Disney.  Char and Randy were troopers and helped us with the kids.  It was Magical but also so busy there and the lines for the rides proved way to much for Brayden.  We were able to get on a lot of stuff but still didn't get on a lot of the main attractions due to the 80min wait times.  Chase enjoyed it and we will be back but not until the kids are older and Brayden figures out what patience is. 
Thursday was Char and Randy's last day with us as they moved on to Ft Lauderdale to visit old friends.  We got up early and did the dolphin cruise like we did a couple years ago.  The boat captain found the dolphins right away and we had 4 following us behind the boat and putting on a show for us.  Once again pretty cool!  We also visited a museum that had some manatees since we have never seen one before.  Ugly guys that is for sure. 
Now it's already Friday and perfect weather today.  Sunny and hot 87 and no clouds in site. We did the beach for a couple hours followed by the pool and lunch and naps.  This evening Russ is going to watch the kids so Eric and I can go out to dinner by ourselves.  Dinner at sunset on the beach!!
The next 2 days beach, pool, and hopefully some para sailing and the boys might do some fishing. 
Than we return home late Sunday and back to fall temps and work on Monday.  It's going to be hard after this perfect weather. 

Some photos.  I only uploaded one camera so far so missing a ton from the other one. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

MN State Fair 2011

We barely made it out to the fair this year (11year in a row for me now).  Russ had taken Brayden one Friday but when it was time for the rest of us to go he was sick. Due to Eric's lovely work schedule we are limited to going on a Sunday.  We chose the 2nd Sunday of the fair (of course the busiest day of the 10days).  The night before Brayden spiked a fever and threw up a little.  He slept well though the night but had a slight fever in the morning again.  Eric was going to stay back with him but when he got up from his nap he seemed like his usual busy self.  We decided to take him and give it a shot for a couple hours just in time for us to eat our fav foods and let Chase do some riding. 
It took a while to park and get in but the boys did great waiting (thank god for a dvd player in the car).  The day itself proved to be the perfect weather not to hot and not to cold.  We hit the usual spots we like for food, the midway for games, and the kidway for rides.  Also we had to go to the Twins zone so Chase could play there.  We by far missed a lot of the fair but with two small kids (one not 100%), a double stroller, and thousands of people I think we did just fine. 
Some Pics below:
Chase taking his shot at a game.  He ended up with 3 small stuff animals.  (oh goody!)

Hard to see but Eric/Chase top right coming down the big slide.

My teething baby enjoying his raisins. 

Eric and Chase at the Twins zone playing a little ball.

Chase really enjoyed the bumper boats!!

Hey mom next year I ride too!!!

If you seen this line we stood in for the deep fried pickles it would make sense as to why Brayden feel asleep.

This was a shot of the crowd from the line at the pickle stand.

First time at TCF Bank Stadium for Allie & Scott's Wedding

I finally made it to the MN Gopher's TCF Bank Stadium but it wasn't for a football game it was for a wedding.  The 1st wedding on the field to be exact!!!
My friend Allie got married on the field and in style.  The place was amazing.  I'm sure a great place to watch football and also a great place to have a party!!!
Congrats Allie & Scott!! Thank you for a great party only wish we could have stayed longer. 

My date for the wedding. Mr. Kara Schuster.

The Schuster's

Allie crossing the field to meet her groom. 

The ring bear & flower girl.  He was so cute carrying a football.

The ceremony.

A shot of the field from the sky boxes.

Kara, Allie-the Bride, and me