Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Boy's 1st Drive-In movie

We made a last minute decision on Saturday night to join the SLP Bjorgaard's at the Cottage Grove Drive-in. We got the kids in their pj's put on some comfy clothes ourselves. I grabbed some snacks, blankets, and pillows and away we went. The kids movie Despicable Me and the Sorcerer's Apprentice were playing. Our niece Brandi works there so she got us a good deal.

We got there with a couple mins to spare. Chase jumped in the back seat with the girls and they had a little slumber party in the back. Eric adjusted the seats on the Flex for tailgating and we were able to watch the movie in comfort.

We only stayed for the 1st movie Despicable Me. I have to say it was a cute movie wasn't expecting much so it was a nice surprise. I don't do Nicholas Cage so the 2nd movie was out. Plus it was well pass Chase's bedtime and ours too.

Brayden didn't get much out of his 1st experience at the movies. He slept the entire time we were there.

Chase on the other hand enjoyed himself. He maybe didn't pay close attention to the movie but he ate his weight in snacks. Popcorn, Cheetos, and candy. He ate from the time he got there until the time we left.

We will be doing this again soon. Cheap date and good entertainment for all!!!

Bjorgaard Boys get a new ride

You can tell we are in a different stage in our lives when we think a new fancy stroller is the bomb. Since Russ took over full Manny duties on Thursday we had to get him something so both boys can ride in style on their trips to the parks. The Baby Trend Sit and Stand is what we ended up getting. I love this stroller because it has the option for a car seat and regular seat. And the back seat also comes out and there is a platform so Chase can stand in back too (for when he gets a little bigger). It will be really useful for the mall trips because I can still buckle him in and he can't escape me.
We took out the new stroller Sat morning to the park to play baseball. Brayden feel asleep right away and enjoyed a nap while Chase and I played a little ball.
Here are some shots of the new stroller. Only thing is it's kind of heavy to push. But with a 30 lb kid, car seat, baby, and the stroller itself what am I to expect. Hopefully I can gain a little muscle pushing this thing around.
Here are a few shots of the new ride.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to work for Jenny

It's with a heavy heart I type this post. Tomorrow I head back to the real world of work. I don't know where the 10 weeks went. Our adventure started May 13th and we welcome a great little boy to our bunch. Brayden is such a great baby. Being so less stressed out with the 2nd child it made things easier. He has his fussy times but usually means he needs to eat or just wants to be held. I will miss the hour long cuddling sessions with him each day. He's such a smiley baby. And make any baby talk to him and he smiles this big grin (looks a lot like Eric's smile). I forget how big they get so fast. I'm excited to see Chase and him play together but I will cherish this time now as a baby.

Than there is the Chase monster. Everyday a new sentence or cute phrase comes out of his mouth. He's so smart and picks up on everything these days. It amazes me how he remembers places now. From the coffee shop to the restaurants to the parks. His little mind sure is soaking everything in. Through Russ continued his Manny duties with Chase each day it was great to hang out with him and see this kid in action. He's growing to such a little man so fast. I will miss our mid afternoon popsicles each day on the chairs out front.

There is also the Fonzie to report on. We finally took him back to the vet for his allergies. He had 2 different kinds of infection but I'm happy to report after 8 days of pills is on the mend. He has seemed like a puppy again this last week. He's more awake, not itching so much, and he's even doing laps again like his old self. This treatment for him was long overdue. Only sorry we waited so long but hopefully the worst is over and he can feel like his old self again.

I never thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom and still not sure I do. But I'm very Thankful for these last 10 weeks to watch my little boys grow (and the fact that the weather was nice too didn't hurt). I will always remember this time I had with them as one of the best times in my life. Thanks Boys!!

Chase's 3rd Twins Game(And he liked it!!)

Eric got 4 tickets to the Twins game last Friday. We figured we would take Chase and see if he liked the game this year. His first outing was when he was 5 mths and cried when the crowd cheered. Pretty funny because you couldn't even hear him over the crowd. The second time we took him was last year for his 1st birthday. He was scared and Eric had to take him home early. My family was in town for his big 1st birthday so we had all went. The Twins were down when Eric left and they ended up hitting a grand slam and came back to win. Great game sorry Eric had to miss it.

So we figured 3 times is a charm. We got the SLP Bjorgaard's to watch Brayden and headed to Target Field. At first he was a little nervous with all the people and the cheering. I took him up to get some food and all of a sudden I turned around and he was standing there clapping and saying "Go Twins". So he liked it!!! The rest of the game he ate many different ball park food, put his sippy cup in the cup holders about 100 times, and every time the crowd clapped he did too. Pretty darn cute!!

All in all a great night at the ball park and the Twins won too. We are happy to know we can take him back now. Now we have to train in Brayden.

Not the best pic but a cute shot of a happy dad and son at the game.

Not sure what this look is all about.
Cracker Jacks!!!

His cheering face.

Kirby, Chase and I

Friday, July 16, 2010

Brayden's 2 mth stats

Brayden turned 2mths on 7/13. I've really have notice a difference in the little man the last couple days. He's awake for longer periods of time and is starting to smiling much more and try to talk to us. He's not sleeping through the night but he does have a 5 hr stretch each night. (so if I just learned to go to sleep at that time maybe I won't be so tired everyday).

He had his 2mth check up and got rave reviews from the doctor. They were impressed on how well he held his head up and how strong he was. He did get 4 shots which is always painful to watch. He cried for a while but by the time we left the parking lot he was asleep.

Brayden's stats:
Weight-12lbs 7oz-75%
Length-24 inches-90%
Head-16 inches-60%

Brayden at 2 mths
I brought out the activity mat since he's starting to notice more things. He's pretty entertained by the stuff he gets to look at. Chase also feels like he needs to be on the mat checking out things too. In this shot Brayden looks to have had enough of his big brother.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th of July!!

This year again we made the long trip up the road to Crystal to the Rislov's backyard. Long are the days where we head to the lake for a 3 day drunk fest. Now it's all about entertaining the kids and trying to get a couple drinks in there too.

Chase won't get into the pool the first day but we got him in there the 2nd day. And he liked it so I'm thinking swimming lessons this fall so he gets more comfortable in the water. The 2 year olds played pretty good together. And the babies while they pretty much just slept.

The guys got a couple rounds of frisbee golf in while the ladies tried to get some sun. We all played a round of holy board too. Eric and I ended up on a team and we will just say out of 5 teams we placed while at 5th place. Need to practice up again for that game. But only out $10 so not bad.

Chase feel asleep before the backyard fireworks. So maybe next year both our boys can witness a good firework display somewhere.

Glad the weather held out and hopefully next year Eric can have an extra day off so we can enjoyed it even more.

Brayden and Landon-Brayden is 4 days older

Avery, Addy, & Chase enjoying the many toys in the back yard

Chase with the boys in the pool

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby you can drive my car!!

Chase loves to play in cars. He does this a lot when we visit daddy at work. He sits in them and pretends to drive. Daddy brought this little toy home last week to drive. He ran right to it when he seen it in the drive way. I think it's a Mercedes. (not sure not good on cars) But if anyone is interested I'm sure Eric can tell you more about it.

He enjoyed this car a lot so maybe he's trying to tell Eric this is what he wants when he's 16.

The 2nd child

Well everyone is right the second child sure doesn't get as many pictures taken as the first kid. I know by this time with Chase I had taken over 200 pics. Brayden has about 50 pics (not including Grandma Char's photo shoot). Though he really isn't doing all that much new. He is busy smiling lots when you talk "baby talk" to him. Plus he's make lots of noises now like he's trying to say "Hi" back to you. He's also staying awake more and for longer periods. He loves to be outside and look around. Also loves to be carried around too during fussy periods. Can't put him down or he screams. (always great when this happens around Chase's bed time). He always is full of smiles when he's on the changing table and is starting to warm up to baths. He does a lot of kicking around and splashing me.

He'll be 2 months next week. Time is sure flying by. He has his 2 month appointment next week so I'll know his status than. But he's getting so big so fast!!

Here is a couple pictures I did take of him.

Balls Deep takes 2nd place (yes hell might be freezing over)

For the last I don't know how many years I've been playing sand volleyball at Joe Sensors in Eagan on Thursday nights. We always take 1st place every spring/summer session. Last Thursday we lost our first championship match. It was a great match. Lots of sweat, beer, and tears but in the end we blew it.

We will begin again next week and hopefully we can regain our title as the CHAMPS.

Here's a shot of the 2nd place team. We look pretty darn happy but that is the 3rd round of monster bombs kicking in!!