Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Signs of Summer

Fonzie & Chase in the garage catching some rays.

A run through the sprinkler

Eating a Popsicle

Having a smores

Having some corn on the cob

I haven't got outside as much as I've wanted the last couple days. But having a newborn it's hard to travel far from home. We have been trying to get Chase out to do some different things so he doesn't feel left out. Here are some shots of his outdoor fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st Full day at home

Russ and Chase at Applebee's
Chase sucking on a lemon

Brayden's 1st trip to Applebee's

Parker at bat

Addy checking out Brayden at his 1st baseball game

Monday was my 1st full day home and we were some busy people. I'm feeling good so we have been out and about. It helps that Eric has stepped up his daddy duties now that we have 2. It's been great to have him around every day. Sad to see the week is almost over and he'll be back to working 60 hours a week again.

Russ was going to bring Chase to his favorite place to eat Applebee's for lunch. But Chase didn't want to leave Eric. I told him to just go with out me. Than figured what the heck Brayden had already ate so thought we can go too. The first trip out went really good. Don't think he made a peep. Here are some pictures from Applebee's.

Than we decided to go see Parker's little league baseball game in Crystal that night. Chase is a huge Parker fan and figured he would really like to see the sport he loves so much in action. It was really cute to see those little guys out there playing baseball. Eric always said if he didn't have to work he would still be a little league couch. He did it for a summer job back in high school and just loved it.

Chase watched most of the game but than was more interested in candy and playing in dirt with Addy. I believe Parker went 2 for 2 that night on hits.

I can't wait for our 2 boys to be playing little league one day. Should be fun times!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Because they're Brothers identical Brothers!

A lot of people's first comments on Brayden was he looks just like Chase did. Here our some photos you be the judge.

Chase was 2 pounds bigger but he also cooked for 15 extra days.

Also Chase had huge hands and feet. Brayden has these tiny fingers and feet. Also appears to have a smaller head too.

I can't wait to see if these 2 look like twins when they get older.

(the 2 top photos are Chase and the 2 bottom are Brayden)

More photos of Brayden and heading home!

Brayden day #3
Chase and his new Buzz Lightyear buddy

Naked shot of Brayden

Heading home. This outfit was to big but I thought I would have another big baby.

Eric and his boys at nap time.

Our stay in the hospital went pretty good. Eric stayed with us the first night and didn't get much sleep not so much because of the baby but because the nurses come in every 2 hours to check in on me. The second day I was able to get rid of the iv and stuff and get up. I was pretty swollen from the stuff they give you so that first trip out of bed was a quick one. But it was nice because I could finally get to Brayden in the bassinet.

Russ and Chase came to visit after their trip to the MOA. Also Kara, Sarah, auntie Deb and the McBride's came to visit. So it was a busy evening. Eric and Chase got up there and pretty much had to leave again. Eric had got me the pamper me massage from the hospital. They come into your room and give you a full massage plus scrub treatment on your feet. It was a very relaxing hour.

The rest of the stay was pretty quite but that was o.k. I got plenty of rest and adjusted to breast feeding a baby. Chase never took and Brayden did right away. So we will give it a try for a while.

We were able to leave on Sunday morning. We had to pick up Chase at the Rislov's on the way home and it was very weird to have 2 boys riding in the back seat.
We feel so blessed to have 2 healthy little guys. And although I would of liked having a girl Chase has brought a lot of fun I never expected with a boy. And who knows maybe we will try for that girl. But let us get though Brayden's first year and asks us again.

Brayden's first bath

They gave Brayden his first bath a couple hours after he was born. I was stuck in bed so I wasn't able to see it but Eric and his nieces who were up for a visit got to see it. Here are some pictures.

On his first day into the world he had a lot of vistors. Grandma/Grandpa Char/Randy, Brandi, and Randy's daughter Amy came to visit. The SLP Bjorgaard's were up there too. As well as mommy's good friend Kara. And of course Uncle Russ and Big Brother Chase (I didn't get pictures of everyone who was up there to visit since I was bed ridden and still kind of out of it) Grandma Char took a lot of pictures and I'll have to get those from her and post any good ones later.

Here some photos from his 1st bath.

Welcome Brayden Edward Bjorgaard to the Bunch

Cutting the cord

Dr Eric

After 9 mths of waiting out newest addition is here. And to both our surprise it's another boy!!

On Thursday, May 13th we went about our morning same as always. We had breakfast with Chase (his fav blueberry muffins) and played with the big guy. When it was time for us to leave Chase wanted to come with us so I got a little sad. But Uncle Russ picked him up and told him they were heading to the park and he was fine with us leaving than.

Let me tell you very strange experience a scheduled c-section. You walk to admitting they bring you back to your room. Let you get into that sweet nightgown with the open back. Hoop into bed and than they start the 100 questions and the poking. Blood work, iv drip, some really nasty stuff to drink (helps with your stomach) and 100 more questions. Than when all that's done and it's time you walk down to the surgery room yourself. No ride on a bed just like you are taking a walk down the hall. You get onto this small cold table and they start their thing. It all goes very fast. They put a bunch more medical things on you. Blood pressure, heart rate monitors, chest things. Than they poked the block into my back and that was pretty much it from the chest down. A couple mins and you can't feel anything but are totally awake. Very strange feeling. The doctor came in the sheet went up and than Eric was brought in to sit next to me.

I really didn't feel anything but once in a while felt pressure which they told me each time when I would. I was interested in knowing what they were doing down there but Eric wasn't. When it was time the doctor announced I see a lot of hair. At that point I was like "oh a little girl". Than at 12:06pm he announced it's a BOY!!! We both looked at each with surprise. Than Eric jumped up to see if it was true. I would of liked to seen the look on my face. Eric said it was kind of a look of terror or disbelief. Brayden started crying right away they cut the cord brought him to another room that is warmer. Eric headed into there with him and I just lied there while the Drs talked about camping at the Boundary Waters and put me back together.

In the baby room they check him out and took all his measurements. He weighed 7 pounds 8 oz. and was 21 inches long. His head was 14 inches. Eric was able to cut the cord and than they clean him up. Eric brought him in so I could check him out. I have to say he looked Perfect!! Eric, baby, and nurse headed back to our room waiting for my arrival.

Once they finished up on me they wheeled me back to our room and finally I was able to hold my newest little boy!!! I'm happy to report everything went down great and neither Brayden or I had any issues.

Here are pictures of Brayden's first day into this world.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Off to the Hospital!!

The day has come for Baby Bjorgaard #2 to come. Surgery is at 11:40 today so hopefully we have word out a little after noon. We will be at Methodist Hospital in St Louis Park. Hoped to have the little one home by Sunday.

I can't believe this day has come though it seems like it came fast it's been a long nine months. This pregnancy was a lot different in my first because I didn't go by the book on everything. Plus so busy enjoying Chase that you kind of forget there is a little one growning inside. It was a fun ride but we are ready to be a family of 5 now. I'm also ready to enjoy the summer with Chase and the new baby. Here is our predictions for the next one. Though we really are just hoping for a healthy little one to bring home boy/girl.

Eric's-Girl -9lbs 1 oz

Jenny's-Girl -8lbs 8oz


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chase's new bed arrives

Chase's new bedroom set finally made it's way here on Monday. Eric and Russ got it set up and we went and picked out a mattress. We ended up spending a little more than we thought on the mattress but figured we might have to spend some nights on it ourselves. Plus the guy told us it would last 10 years. I remember as does Eric what our mattresses as kids looked like after 10 years so we hope the guy was correct.

We put on his new bedding and had him all tucked into his new bed. I read him his stories got all his friends gathered around him and he asked for daddy one last time. I sent Eric up there and he told him "this bedroom is to big for Chase." And that was it for his first night in his bed. Eric brought him back to his crib.
Day 2: Russ got him to nap in his new bed and he slept well. No falling out to report. I put him in there tonight also and it's been almost 2 hours and so far so good. We are leaving the crib for him right now and will be putting baby in a bassinet until he's ready for the big move full time.

Chase Night #1 in his new bed.

Night #1
reading books

Night #1 his final resting place with all his friends.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sneak peek of Chase's new room

The guest room before

Chase's new room's paint job

Just got word that Chase's bedroom set has shipped. Should get it next week. (could the timing be any worse?). So for now he'll continue to sleep in the crib and the baby in a bassinet. Still hoping the move to the big boy bed is a smooth one.

Here's a couple shots of his room before and after the paint job. We have all the other accessories bought but are waiting for the furniture before we put everything up. I guess this will be one of the first things I do on my maternity leave. Lucky for me Eric will be home the 1st week baby comes home and my mom will be down here for the 2nd week. (any takers for the 3rd week and on?)

Baby update

At my 38 week appointment there was nothing new to report. I'm on track for c-section next Thursday. Doctor said the c-section should take about 45 mins. I'll have some recovery time before I can join Eric and baby in our room. If all is going well I could leave Sat but most likely I'll stay until Sunday. No contractions or any other sign of labor so I'm planning on working until Wed next week. One more dr appointment next Tuesday and that should be it.

Lots to do this weekend to get ready for the baby. A couple more things to get but wow what a difference from shopping from the 1st kid. Pretty much have everything unless this baby is a girl than we will have to do some shopping.

Not a great belly shot I'll get one next week before we head to the hospital. Chase is always so darn cute in his bath towels so I had to get a picture. This towel was from Auntie Krista. It has his name embroidered on it. Might need another one soon Krista (hint hint)