Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To complete this outfit black heels are needed

Chase is starting to figure out how to put on his own shoes. Most always on the wrong foot but his sandals he can get on fine by himself. He also likes to bring you your shoes when he wants to go outside. He brought these out of my closet the other day for a little fashion show. Russ called this the lazy day outfit. (I'm thinking the onesie is a little small)

No more Diapers!!

Yeah I wish!!! I think we are a ways out yet from Chase being potty trained. But this is a game he likes to play sometimes when I'm trying to get some stuff done upstairs. He pulls out all of his diapers from his diaper holder, opens them up and throws them in the hallway. So after I finish cleaning up the other stuff there is a pile of diapers to put away. At least now he's helping me put them away. On this day he was a little more dramatic with them. Throwning them and than laying in them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago we attempted to do our first family pictures. I agonized over what to wear and of course wanted everything perfect. Thought I had everything figured out. Chase had napped, I had time to get ready with out interruptions, and Eric didn't have to work. But even with all of that taking a 16 month old picture is pretty unpredictable. He was scared and shy (which he mostly isn't). He won't smile for anything. (should of brought the manny with) Paula was great at taking the photos for 50 mins but we just couldn't get him to crack a big smile. She posted some of our pictures on her blog. Check it out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Great MN Get together!!

Well after taking a year off last year we made it back to the MN State Fair again. It has been a tradition we go with the Alby's (from TRF), the McBride's, and the Rislov's for almost the past 10 years. Last year it didn't work out so I was exicted we were able to get back out there this year. (A women needs her deep fried pickles)
This was Chase's first visit to the MN Fair. I thought he should enjoy the food also. He had some pizza bread, part of Aliyah's corndog, a big pretzel, pickels, and nitro ice cream.
He didn't get down the big slide for he was napping. He did ride on the Ye Old Mill. What a waste of money. (Check out the picture of Aliyah and Aden riding on the ride)

New Favorite Park-"The Sprinkler Park"

Not sure why I didn't go to this place earlier this summer? There is a great sprinkler water park in St Louis Park. It's enclosed so the little ones can't leave and it's a great answer for Chase age kids that can't swim yet but like to run though the water for a little summer cool down.

The Alby's were down for their yearly State Fair trip. We decided to hit this park on Saturday since the weather was perfect. Krista's mom and her husband came up from Rochester and joined us at the park. And while Jeff was home watching football Jeanne and Avery also joined us.
Here is some pictures of the kids at the park.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some type of virus has hit the Bjorgaard Household!!

I haven't blogged in a week now!! We have been hit with some type of virus. I started it out last Sunday and infected our Labor Day weekend guest from TRF as well as the rest of my family. Pretty sure it's not the H1N1 because one of the guest was tested and it came back negative. But feel bad for the Aliyah and Aden who are missing their first days of school due to it.

Hopefully this weekend I'll catch up on my blogging. I have great shots from the sprinkler park we took the kids last weekend and also from the "Great MN get together". Plus Grandma and Grandpa Drury are coming to visit today. So another weekend of guest. Let's hope we don't infect them too.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Chase Picasso

I thought it would be fun to tap into Chase's artistic side. I was going to make finger paints but decided in the end to just buy some at Target. I moved our project outside so if needed I could hose down the patio table.

After about a minute of plopping out the paints onto the paper. He looked at me puzzled like what do I do with this? Than he dipped his fingers into it and went right for his mouth. I tried to stop him but it was a lost cause. After I got my fingers into it he copied me but in the end he enjoyed eating it more.

So Thank You Crayola for making a non-toxic and washable finger paints!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday 222 Van Buren!!

I can't believe it but it's true. We have lived in the Van Buren Villa (aka Bjorgaard Inn) now for 6 years. It has went by fast!! We found this building site by Ryland homes on our way home from the gym Feb 2003. We were renting at the time a couple miles farther north and figured we had the time to swing by and take a look at the model home. It was fate!

We were able to pick out what model we wanted and we decided on all the interior. We surprisingly agreed on almost everything very easily. It was a true test seeing as we where getting married in less than a year.
The house has seen many guests over the years and we enjoy having the space to put people up. I believe one New Years we had 11 adults and 5 kids spend the night. We continue to enjoy the guests even though one guest room has been filled up by Chase and another by his Manny uncle Russ.

Though my hopes is to one day have a yard I have no regrets about the place. No yard work or snow removal has been nice for our family that has someone that works late many nights & weekends. The walls are all painted now and the rooms are filled. We slowly are growing out of it. But like Eric always reminds me I grew up in a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom house. How much more space do I need?
So to possibly another 6 years???!!!
I have posted a picture of moving in week and one from tonight. Pretty much the same hope it contiunes to hold up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Chase that's not a ball. It's a fruit no a vegatable? Mommy doesn't know for sure what that is?

The other day I was putting away groceries in the fridge when Chase decided to help himself to the veggie drawer. Next thing I know he's throwing something around saying ball. He throws it at me and I soon realize this is no ball. It's Grandpa Mike's kohlrabi he brought us from his garden. When Grandpa Mike came to baby-sit he brought lots of goodies from the garden. He said Chase liked the kohlrabi but I haven't been able to get him to eat it. But he did enjoy throwing it around!!!

I had to stop the fun and tell him we don't throw fruits or vegetables or what ever this thing is. He was a little upset when I first took it away but he rebounded back fast.

So Thanks Grandpa Mike for the fruit/veggie he enjoyed eating it for you and thrown it at me.

He's a couple pictures of him throwing it.