Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Chase that's not a ball. It's a fruit no a vegatable? Mommy doesn't know for sure what that is?

The other day I was putting away groceries in the fridge when Chase decided to help himself to the veggie drawer. Next thing I know he's throwing something around saying ball. He throws it at me and I soon realize this is no ball. It's Grandpa Mike's kohlrabi he brought us from his garden. When Grandpa Mike came to baby-sit he brought lots of goodies from the garden. He said Chase liked the kohlrabi but I haven't been able to get him to eat it. But he did enjoy throwing it around!!!

I had to stop the fun and tell him we don't throw fruits or vegetables or what ever this thing is. He was a little upset when I first took it away but he rebounded back fast.

So Thanks Grandpa Mike for the fruit/veggie he enjoyed eating it for you and thrown it at me.

He's a couple pictures of him throwing it.

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