Friday, January 20, 2012

Disney On Ice

Back in December I got discounted tickets for Disney on Ice.  I thought it would be a great thing for just Chase and I to do with out his busy little brother.  At first he didn't want to go because he said he had a tummy ache.  Than when we got there the place was full of little girls dressed up in their princess costumes.  I was a little worried he won't like the show if it was just "girly" ice skaters.  But I'm happy to report I turned out wrong.  Though a lot of it was "girly" there was plenty of other action.  From Peter Pan to Captain Hook to Lion King and Aladdian.  With a big bag of popcorn and large sprite Chase sat in his seat and enjoyed the show.  They put on a great show with lots of great costumes and of course good skating.  I highly recommend for any Disney fan. 
I only got a couple camera shots for I dropped my cell phone and it started not to work.

                      Alice in Wonderland

 Peter Pan

After the show we took in the sights around Rice Park in St. Paul.  With all the Christmas lights and the ice skate rink it was a really neat thing to see. We even found the Charlie Brown bronze statues around the park to take some pictures by. 

My Work-Travelers

The Lawson Building

Chase and Peppermint Patty
Chase, Snoopy, & Charlie Brown


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Tree long gone but the memories of the find

Once again for Christmas we went with a real tree.  This year Eric let Chase pick it out all by himself.  This took him about a minute to find one.  He did a pretty good job my only complaint was it could have been taller but he never made it to the taller tree section.  He pretty much just picked out the first one he seen. 
Here are some shots of us from the lot.  I do have to be thankful he picked out the tree in the 1st picture because after the guy took it to be cut and bagged he found another tree. This would be the tree the boys are standing by on the last picture.  He called it a Charlie Brown tree.  I would have to almost agree just has more needles than old Charles tree had. 

Chase is Star of the Week!!

For Chase's preschool class all the kids get to take turns being the "Star of the Week".  They bring home a small tote and put in a couple items that are special to them.  Chase picked all the items and even wanted to put Fonzie in there. (I was surprised by this request-didn't think he liked the dog)
Chase's special items:
His baby-the blue dog he has had since birth
A video game from the WII his favorite system.  On the game he picked he gets a perfect 555 on the soccer ball game.  (I'm lucky to get 15)
One of his favorite books to read-"Shark in the Dark"
A baseball bat and ball that he's aloud to play with indoors.
And a picture of his family from Disney world. 

I am behind in the blog but no these aren't pics from this summer!!

Again another month or so has went by with out a blog from me.  Two kids + holiday's + hubby who works nights=not much getting done but the needed daily things.  I figured on a day when it's minus 10 I would post some pictures from a couple weekends ago.  Jan 7th & 8th we took the boys to the playground we frequent in the summer.  It was almost 60 degrees and so nice to get them out of the house even if for one weekend in the middle of winter.