Friday, December 17, 2010

Children's Museum

I took a Thursday off so we could all go to the Children's Museum in St Paul. It was a perfect day because there wasn't a ton of kids there so we had lots of room to explore. Chase enjoyed the wildness room and had a good time running around in that area. He also enjoyed the play area that shows people in everyday jobs. He went right to the grocery store and got behind the cash register. He's always helpful at Target and the grocery store when it comes time to check out.

Chase showing us his grocery checker skills

Or maybe he'll be a postman?

Brayden enjoyed the infant room so much he puked all over it. He climbed around the area for 5 minutes before he spit up a couple ounces of formula. Like I said in the beginning there wasn't many kids there and we were the only ones in the baby room at the time.

Brayden in the baby area (before he spit up)

Brayden hanging out in the kids furniture area.

Some videos of the kids

Here are some videos of the boys.

Chase is singing the theme song to one of his favorite shows. Super Why

A small video of Brayden crawling.

Big Brother will they ever share?

Chase's grandma gave him a small hula hoop for a gift this spring. Of course he played with it a lot this spring but like other toys he put it aside and moved on to something else. While along comes his little brother who loves to crawl to it grab it and shake it. Do you think Chase could share it? Of course not! As soon as he sees Brayden with it he drops everything to rush to take it from him.

I took a couple pictures of Happy Brayden with the hoop and than big brother taking it away. (Brayden is lacking pants here because once again he has crawled out of them)

Brayden reaches 7 months

Another month and the peanut reaches another milestone (while almost). He's pretty much crawling all over now. He gets up on all fours and rocks back in forth but soon drops to the ground and pulls himself around with his hands. He's getting around really well like this and is moving faster everyday.

He's sleeping though most nights and takes 2 naps a day. No teeth yet to report but loves to chew on everything so they must be making their way though.

I did a quick weigh in and he was 20 pounds. Which I believe because carrying him and the car seat are getting to be a workout. He is still a puker but every time he does it he has a smile on his face.

Here are some shots of the happy boy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas time is here!!

We have been getting into full Christmas mode. Over Thanksgiving weekend I got a lot of the decorations up inside and the outside. I did some Christmas shopping online due to not wanting to take 2 kids out on black Friday.

Chase's count down to Christmas chain

Brayden checking out the Christmas decorations

Last Friday we weathered a snow storm and went to pick out our tree. First we had Chinese food per Chase's request. Than we walked to the tree lot and let Chase pick out the tree. We got it all set up and spent the weekend decorating it. Let me tell you the boys weren't much help. But so cute to see them getting excited for Christmas. Brayden mostly just smiles and tries to put everything into his mouth.

Chase at the tree lot catching snowflakes on his tongue.

The boys helping with the tree stand.

Chase using his scissors like daddy to cut away the net.

Fonzie also approving of the tree.

Hotel stay

I didn't take any pictures over Thanksgiving not sure what happen to the camera. We decided to use a hotel stay that Eric had purchased at Canterbury Inn in Shakopee. On Saturday after naps we headed to the hotel and got checked in. We had a 2 room suite with a whirlpool tub. Chase enjoyed playing with the mini fridge, coffee pot, and microwave. (Thankfully he's getting a kitchen set for Christmas) Once Eric got done with work we had dinner and hit the pool for a while. Brayden and I sat the pool out. We headed back to the room to watch a movie and go to bed. With 3 of us having colds it made for an uncomfortable night. Brayden and I didn't get much sleep. Brayden didn't enjoy sleeping in the hotel crib which looked more like a little white jail. The next morning we woke up and hit the free breakfast. Eric and Chase took another quick swim and we packed up and headed home.

Here are some pics from the night.

Thumbs up for swimming

Brayden being an angel

Chase playing in the mini fridge and getting mommy a drink.

Chase helping daddy win the lottery.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chase entertaining his little bro

At lunch last weekend I asked Chase to entertain Brayden. He made him really giggle so I had to get the camera. We all had colds and Brayden had been super fussy all weekend. For some reason Chase saying "phew" made him laugh. Excuse the messy faces and high chairs. One was having squash and the other pudding.