Friday, December 17, 2010

Children's Museum

I took a Thursday off so we could all go to the Children's Museum in St Paul. It was a perfect day because there wasn't a ton of kids there so we had lots of room to explore. Chase enjoyed the wildness room and had a good time running around in that area. He also enjoyed the play area that shows people in everyday jobs. He went right to the grocery store and got behind the cash register. He's always helpful at Target and the grocery store when it comes time to check out.

Chase showing us his grocery checker skills

Or maybe he'll be a postman?

Brayden enjoyed the infant room so much he puked all over it. He climbed around the area for 5 minutes before he spit up a couple ounces of formula. Like I said in the beginning there wasn't many kids there and we were the only ones in the baby room at the time.

Brayden in the baby area (before he spit up)

Brayden hanging out in the kids furniture area.

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