Friday, September 16, 2011

MN State Fair 2011

We barely made it out to the fair this year (11year in a row for me now).  Russ had taken Brayden one Friday but when it was time for the rest of us to go he was sick. Due to Eric's lovely work schedule we are limited to going on a Sunday.  We chose the 2nd Sunday of the fair (of course the busiest day of the 10days).  The night before Brayden spiked a fever and threw up a little.  He slept well though the night but had a slight fever in the morning again.  Eric was going to stay back with him but when he got up from his nap he seemed like his usual busy self.  We decided to take him and give it a shot for a couple hours just in time for us to eat our fav foods and let Chase do some riding. 
It took a while to park and get in but the boys did great waiting (thank god for a dvd player in the car).  The day itself proved to be the perfect weather not to hot and not to cold.  We hit the usual spots we like for food, the midway for games, and the kidway for rides.  Also we had to go to the Twins zone so Chase could play there.  We by far missed a lot of the fair but with two small kids (one not 100%), a double stroller, and thousands of people I think we did just fine. 
Some Pics below:
Chase taking his shot at a game.  He ended up with 3 small stuff animals.  (oh goody!)

Hard to see but Eric/Chase top right coming down the big slide.

My teething baby enjoying his raisins. 

Eric and Chase at the Twins zone playing a little ball.

Chase really enjoyed the bumper boats!!

Hey mom next year I ride too!!!

If you seen this line we stood in for the deep fried pickles it would make sense as to why Brayden feel asleep.

This was a shot of the crowd from the line at the pickle stand.

First time at TCF Bank Stadium for Allie & Scott's Wedding

I finally made it to the MN Gopher's TCF Bank Stadium but it wasn't for a football game it was for a wedding.  The 1st wedding on the field to be exact!!!
My friend Allie got married on the field and in style.  The place was amazing.  I'm sure a great place to watch football and also a great place to have a party!!!
Congrats Allie & Scott!! Thank you for a great party only wish we could have stayed longer. 

My date for the wedding. Mr. Kara Schuster.

The Schuster's

Allie crossing the field to meet her groom. 

The ring bear & flower girl.  He was so cute carrying a football.

The ceremony.

A shot of the field from the sky boxes.

Kara, Allie-the Bride, and me

Chase 1st day of Preschool!!

Tuesday was Chase's start of 3 year old preschool at Harley Hopkins School.  Since he had went to the summer program he had no problem with me dropping off that morning.  He even has his same teacher and class room from the summer adventures too. There are 14 kids in his class and he will be going 2 days a week just in the morning.  So far his favorite things the first couple days are the snacks and playing outside. Not a big shock there!!   

Chase getting on his new kicks.  Size 13 can you believe it?  Takes after his dad for sure in the feet department.

Always a happy face for me? 

Walking to the car with his new back pack. 

These glasses are ugly but the sun was in his eyes so he had to put them on. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Funny Little Man!

Brayden Brayden what can I say about my little man who is almost 16 mths now!!! Well as many of you know he keeps Eric and I running.  All summer he proved to be a challenge to keep up with his mayhem.  Climbing on everything, picking up every bottle, can, electronic at his level.  Trying his hardest to be like his older brother.  Playing baseball, climbing up the pool ladder on his own, at the park going to the bigger slides instead of the smaller ones, running faster than his little legs are ready for him too.  He has taken many falls this summer but always gets back up with out a tear.  He is a strong little man and at his 15mth appointment his height was at 33 3/4 inches which puts him in the 96%.  His weight was only 24lbs (45%) which since he never sits still not to shock by that. 
He is fast becoming my little diva.  We are working on no more bottle but may times we get a look and a tantrum when we hand him a sippy cup.  A look of how dare you give me this thing and quickly throws it down and cries.  He wants to do a lot of stuff by himself but doesn't realize it's not good to climb on top of the table or climb up the stove or walk outside by himself.
Oh the joys!!  But won't change it for anything.  He's healthy, play full, and I can only hope one day will love to cuddle with me again like he did the first year of his life. 
Brayden is starting to say words and has all summer. A lot of the time we can't make them out yet but he does say Thank You, baby, good-bye, mom, dad, chase, turn green right now (picked that one up from Chase in the car), and lots of why's. 
He loves when I get the camera out and always says "Cheese" with a big smile as you can see from the pictures below.