Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick babies

Look at Brayden's poor face. Chase on the other hand must have been between fevers here.

We took a trip up north the other weekend for a basketball tournament and so far the boys ended up with much more. It started on Thursday early morning with Brayden getting congested. That night turned into a fever and horrible eye goop and than a bad cough and more fevers. I took him in on Friday to urgent care. They said he had the start of pneumonia. So we started him on medicine. While I was at Urgent Care with Brayden I got a texted from Russ that said Chase had a temp of 102. We spent the weekend with both of them having fevers, coughs, bad stomach pains, and sleep less nights. Lots of fun let me tell you!! Really test marriages!

On Sunday Chase was still having fevers so I made Eric take him to Urgent care. A couple hours later they came back with antibiotics for Chase too. A call from the doctor today confirmed Chase has strep throat.

I stayed home with them on Monday because they both had fevers again over night. Let me tell you once the fevers have lifted there is a big difference. Chase is all over the place again and Brayden is all smiles again. Back to work for me and I cross my fingers I don't end up sick too.
The funniest part of the weekend came one night at like 3am. Eric decided to give Brayden a steam shower. So Chase and I sat up and talked (of course Chase was sleeping in our bed the whole time he was sick). We talked about going to the doctor and how Brayden sounded bad and should go back there. Than he some how got on the subject of going treat or treating. He said mom can we go out treat or treating again tomorrow night and get lots of candy. I told him that was a ways away but I would be happy to bring him. I asked him if he still wanted to be Charlie Brown? He said yeah and you can be Lucy. At this point Eric was in the conversation and said if you are Charlie Brown all you are going to get is rocks. (If you haven't seen Charlie Brown Halloween special this is where the rocks come from) Chase said no dad I'll get candy. Eric told him again if you are CB all you are going to get are rocks. Chase said so darn serious "Dad that is only in the Movies." We both just busted out laughing. Which we needed badly at 4am after a really long couple nights.

Addy turns 3!!

Soon Chase will be turning 3 but he is one of the last out of all us that was prego that year. We had Addy's party the other weekend and got a couple pictures of the 3 year olds.

We missed the Schuster Twins party in Jan and we also missed Avery's birthday last weekend due to the boys being sick. Bridger's is coming up in March and next thing you know it will be Chase's turn. Chase and I have already been talking about a theme. Pretty much anything I mention he says yeah to so we have some options.

Addy the Birthday girl

Chase, Parker, Addy, and Avery

(I think we had to say poopy butt to get them to smile like this)

They enjoyed cake all over their face!!

Brayden is 9 months

Brayden turned 9 mths the day before Valentine's day. We celebrated it by bringing him to get his pictures taken. I wasn't going to get them done because I didn't do Chase's at this age but had a good deal so went and got them taken. He was such a great baby at the shoot it was worth it. Below are some of the pics.

Brayden continues to be a great little man. He's all over the place now. Climbing stairs, in the kitchen cupboards, trying to put his hands in the the toilets. We really have to keep our eye on him. He is also learning to play with toys too. He has some blocks he likes to stack and he has been playing catch or I should say throwing a ball and fetching it. This makes Chase happy something they can do together. He is a fan of peek a boo, so big, and some baby movies Russ plays for him. He still only has the bottom 2 teeth but I'm sure are more to come.
He passed his last check up with flying colors. Here are his stats:
Weight: 21 pounds 3 oz (90%)
Length: 29 1/2 (90%)
Head: 18 1/4 (75%)
Oh yeah and he is walking!!! He started at the beginning of Feb and is really getting the hang of it now. The first couple weeks there was a lot of falls but now he at least braces himself when he goes down.
Enjoy the video. Sorry it's sideways again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncle Russ's Treasure Hunt

One of the shows Chase enjoys watching is "Blues Clues". I don't think it's on tv anymore but thanks to Netflix we are able to get the seasons for him to watch. One of the episodes has to do with a treasure hunt. He has watched that one over and over. So Russ decided to make him a treasure hunt. He ordered treasure chests online and made up some fancy clues. He surprised Chase last Sunday with the hunt. He was so excited running though the house finding all the clues. He was on a mission!! Here are just a few of the pics I took.
His 1st Clue

On the hunt with help from dad

He found another clue

Brayden on the hunt too

The hunt was to much for Fonzie

Russ took pictures of where the clues were hidden and than printed them out and tied them with ribbon.

The treasure hunt heads to Chase's bedroom

Woody held a key to the chest

The Finally Clue

Lead him to Russ's bathtub

Using the key to open up the treasure

Here it is!!! It was full of Hershey's Treasures candy and a set of real boxing gloves

They fit and he's ready to box anyone and anything

Eric was his first victim



And Uncle Russ got mommy a gift too. A new way to take the boys temp. So far haven't had to use it as everyone has been healthy since Jan.

Also Russ got Chase a set of books for his Tag Reader

I don't know if mommy can every do such a fancy hunt but we will be doing another one again soon. This was only a couple of the clues. I think Russ had 13 in all.

The story behind why Chase is now shirtless in a lot of the pictures is he's on a boxing kick due to the WII and XBOX boxing games. He says "Boxers don't wear shirts so I can't either". I tell you we are so glad he can dress himself now but a lot of days he starts with a shirt but soon is shirtless. He has the large Hulk Hands and would use those as boxing gloves. But they are very annoying because they make noise. I think Russ was sick of hearing them as much as us hence the boxing gloves for the treasure.

The first night with the gloves he was trying to box everyone but has since learned no boxing Fonzie and Brayden. It's fun to see him take interest in a new sport. I will never let him be a boxer so I will let him get it out of his system now.

Stay in winter blues-solved

Last weekend was yet another cold weekend in MN. The boys don't get out much this time of the year. There is some winter blues for everyone. We decided to build a fort and pretend we were camping. Eric transformed the Bonus Room into one huge fort. Chase was so excited he kept going in and out bringing everything from his room into the fort. Eric only had to rebuild a couple spots. We got some snacks, drinks, and the i-pad for movie watching and settled in for the night. Chase and I watched the classic baseball movie "The Sandlot" and we are ready for spring and some baseball.
Chase and I both attempted to sleep in there that night but the floor was to hard for me. I moved into my own bed mid way though the night. Chase made it the whole night. I see another fort in our future maybe a back yard camp out too.
The best part of the night was when Eric was finishing building the fort Chase got inside and said this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!! Oh to be 2 years old!!! That comment made the night that much special.

Shot of the fort from above

Daddy and Chase inside

Brayden and I

Like the look on his face. Scratch on his head from Chase.

The crew
Chase getting ready for movie time in the fort.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brothers think a like

Here is a picture of Chase and Brayden around the same age doing the same thing. I only hope it's not the same soy sauce bottle 2 years later.



Jan pictures

Things are certainly busy around here now that Brayden is pulling himself up on everything. He's so close to walking. Chase isn't a big fan of Brayden right now. There is a lot of pushing him down and taking things away just as Brayden picks them up.
Here are some pictures of the boys in action.

Chase with his new WII ping pong paddle

Brayden in the pantry
Me covered in baby puke
Chase in the tub had to have the sword in there too.
My little bubble cutie!!

Trying to climb the stairs

Chase attempting to hold Brayden

Brayden trying to get away.

A Day at the MOA

On Saturday we met the Alby's at the MOA for some riding. Chase hasn't been there to ride in a while and last time he really couldn't ride anything. Brayden has been to the mall before but only to UnderWater World.
The boys both did really well. Chase still isn't tall enough to ride a lot of the rides by himself. So guess who got to ride along with him? The nice thing about that is I got to ride for free. We didn't get to all the rides so we will have go back very soon. Chase's favorite ride was the Barnyard mini roller coaster. That was my favorite ride of the day too.
Brayden enjoyed watching everything go by from his stroller. In all that craziness he even managed to take an hour nap. Aliyah had to make a trip to the American Girl Doll store so we decided to go in too. This place makes me feel better about having just boys today.

Here are some pics from the MOA.

Chase driving the big rig

This is what Chase thought about waiting in line.

On the Blue's Clue Ride

Brayden flirting with Aliyah's doll
Aliyah and Chase in the Bumper cars

Eric would be proud Brayden slept though the American Girl Doll store
Chase at the Doll store