Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncle Russ's Treasure Hunt

One of the shows Chase enjoys watching is "Blues Clues". I don't think it's on tv anymore but thanks to Netflix we are able to get the seasons for him to watch. One of the episodes has to do with a treasure hunt. He has watched that one over and over. So Russ decided to make him a treasure hunt. He ordered treasure chests online and made up some fancy clues. He surprised Chase last Sunday with the hunt. He was so excited running though the house finding all the clues. He was on a mission!! Here are just a few of the pics I took.
His 1st Clue

On the hunt with help from dad

He found another clue

Brayden on the hunt too

The hunt was to much for Fonzie

Russ took pictures of where the clues were hidden and than printed them out and tied them with ribbon.

The treasure hunt heads to Chase's bedroom

Woody held a key to the chest

The Finally Clue

Lead him to Russ's bathtub

Using the key to open up the treasure

Here it is!!! It was full of Hershey's Treasures candy and a set of real boxing gloves

They fit and he's ready to box anyone and anything

Eric was his first victim



And Uncle Russ got mommy a gift too. A new way to take the boys temp. So far haven't had to use it as everyone has been healthy since Jan.

Also Russ got Chase a set of books for his Tag Reader

I don't know if mommy can every do such a fancy hunt but we will be doing another one again soon. This was only a couple of the clues. I think Russ had 13 in all.

The story behind why Chase is now shirtless in a lot of the pictures is he's on a boxing kick due to the WII and XBOX boxing games. He says "Boxers don't wear shirts so I can't either". I tell you we are so glad he can dress himself now but a lot of days he starts with a shirt but soon is shirtless. He has the large Hulk Hands and would use those as boxing gloves. But they are very annoying because they make noise. I think Russ was sick of hearing them as much as us hence the boxing gloves for the treasure.

The first night with the gloves he was trying to box everyone but has since learned no boxing Fonzie and Brayden. It's fun to see him take interest in a new sport. I will never let him be a boxer so I will let him get it out of his system now.

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