Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cousin Bridger and Chase

Chase's Valentine Day Cookie

Bridger and Chase enjoying some grapes

It's nice to go home and let the 2 boys play. Since they are 5 weeks apart they are pretty much on the same level. I'm sure soon enough they will be best of friends. Here's a quick video and some pictures of them.

Check out Bridger (2 on March 12th) shoot those hoops.

Alumni Basketball Tourney

The winning team warm up.

Game on
The 95-01 Class Alumni champs 2010

The Champ and his son

Coach Nate (It's been so long since he had hair this looks good on him)
Believe it or not Eric took a weekend off to play in the Thief River Falls alumni basketball tourney. We first headed to Fargo on Thursday to spend the evening with Kember & Nate and their little ones Emilee (4) and Zack (6mths). That was the 1st time I had seen Zack. What a cutie and I how quickly I forget how little kids can be. Rude awakening for me soon!!

Chase enjoyed playing with Emilee and really enjoyed pushing her baby strollers around. Might have to get him one of those for his baby (aka blue dog toy).

We traveled to TRF on Friday afternoon and visited with the family. Eric & Nate (class of 95) ended up on the 95-01 class year team. They played first on Saturday and had no problems beating the TRF BackBoard Club. Their next challenge was a younger team and they were able to beat them too. So it was onto the championship. There was a break in the afternoon and the high school varsity team played and then the alumni championship game. It was close double OT but they pulled off the Big win in the end!!

I'm happy to report no injuries either from Eric or Chris. Maybe a little sore the next day but no surgery's required.

Chase and Bridger took to the other gym for a little court time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Day

Chase and Avery building
Addy, Chase and Avery all turning 2 in the next couple months.

Championship card game.

Chase and his new baby.

While times have changed from big wild super bowl parties. The Rislov hosted us this year. SLP Bjorgaard's and the McBrides where also there. And due to the fact that we all have young kids we all spilt at half time.

The kids enjoyed running around playing with toys and everything else. There were 8 adults and 7 kids. And next year there will be 2 more babies. Ours and the McBrides. So the adults will official be out numbered. Scary!

There was a pinochle tourney with Ryan and Jeanne coming out the winners. And let us not forget about all the food. I'm sure I gained a couple pounds that day.

Here are some shots though out the day.

Baby 26th week update

I had another ultrasound last week to check my fluid levels. The results came back the same as the 1st ultrasound. So no less but enough of a concern that I will have another ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level and baby growth next month. The baby was measuring right on schedule and at 1 pound 9oz. I think I will continue to have ultrasounds up until the end. If at any time the fluid level is to low they will take the baby. So hoping it doesn't come to that.

C-section has been set for Methodist Hospital (St Louis Park) for Thursday, May 13th @ 11:40. I'm planning on that date to meet him or her.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chase counting

Chase decided to entertain me a little bit after his bath. Of course he won't let me put his p.j's on. So a diapered kid for your entertainment.

The Schuster Boys turn 2!!

This was the cutest thing. Chase fell asleep with the balloon string in his hand.
I forgot I left it in the room and when I came to bed this was what I found.

Cupcake face.

Not sure what this was all about but he liked to eat with no hands.

The Birthday Boys!!

The famous ball pit the boys managed to deflate by the end of the day.

Chase and I drove to LaCrosse last Saturday to help Carson and Wade celebrate turning the big 2. Kara's grandma, mom, sister and niece we all down for the weekend. We spent the day watching 5 kids play and eating. Kara bought the boy's a ball pit which the kids loved. They spent as much time climbing on the outside as in the inside. By the end of the day the pit had deflated on one side. So you can tell a bunch of boys had their turn at it.

We filled up on goodies and sure we packed on another couple pounds. Chase was very entertained by the balloons (which mommy has never been a fan of) but hard to not let him have his fun.
It was a good trip and we need to make the trip more often. The boys played well together and kept busy with all the toys.

Manny's Busy day

Chase and Addy reading a book

Addy and her best friend for the day!

Chase and Addy checking the outside.

Parker and Chase watching a video.

The Rislov's day care lady was sick last Monday so Parker and Addy spent the day at our house. Russ said at times it was easier and a couple times harder. Chase spent some time in "time out" due to the fact that he doesn't share well. He kept taking Addy's toys away and giving them to Russ. So I guess if he couldn't play with them no one could. Addy took it in stride and just found something else to play with. Here are some pictures from their day.