Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alumni Basketball Tourney

The winning team warm up.

Game on
The 95-01 Class Alumni champs 2010

The Champ and his son

Coach Nate (It's been so long since he had hair this looks good on him)
Believe it or not Eric took a weekend off to play in the Thief River Falls alumni basketball tourney. We first headed to Fargo on Thursday to spend the evening with Kember & Nate and their little ones Emilee (4) and Zack (6mths). That was the 1st time I had seen Zack. What a cutie and I how quickly I forget how little kids can be. Rude awakening for me soon!!

Chase enjoyed playing with Emilee and really enjoyed pushing her baby strollers around. Might have to get him one of those for his baby (aka blue dog toy).

We traveled to TRF on Friday afternoon and visited with the family. Eric & Nate (class of 95) ended up on the 95-01 class year team. They played first on Saturday and had no problems beating the TRF BackBoard Club. Their next challenge was a younger team and they were able to beat them too. So it was onto the championship. There was a break in the afternoon and the high school varsity team played and then the alumni championship game. It was close double OT but they pulled off the Big win in the end!!

I'm happy to report no injuries either from Eric or Chris. Maybe a little sore the next day but no surgery's required.

Chase and Bridger took to the other gym for a little court time.

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