Monday, February 1, 2010

The Schuster Boys turn 2!!

This was the cutest thing. Chase fell asleep with the balloon string in his hand.
I forgot I left it in the room and when I came to bed this was what I found.

Cupcake face.

Not sure what this was all about but he liked to eat with no hands.

The Birthday Boys!!

The famous ball pit the boys managed to deflate by the end of the day.

Chase and I drove to LaCrosse last Saturday to help Carson and Wade celebrate turning the big 2. Kara's grandma, mom, sister and niece we all down for the weekend. We spent the day watching 5 kids play and eating. Kara bought the boy's a ball pit which the kids loved. They spent as much time climbing on the outside as in the inside. By the end of the day the pit had deflated on one side. So you can tell a bunch of boys had their turn at it.

We filled up on goodies and sure we packed on another couple pounds. Chase was very entertained by the balloons (which mommy has never been a fan of) but hard to not let him have his fun.
It was a good trip and we need to make the trip more often. The boys played well together and kept busy with all the toys.

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