Monday, December 21, 2009

Bjorgaard's 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Eric aka Cosby & Me

Not Family just came in off the streets.
Chris wears lady sweaters!!!

Char & Randy played it safe with these sweaters.

1st Annual Bjorgaard Christmas Sweater
Contest Wiener!!!

St Louis Park Bjorgaard's
Family shots the kids will be proud of one day!!
Cheri, girls, and Daisy the dog.

The Hopkins Bjorgaard's

So this year I thought it would be fun to do an ugly Christmas sweater contest. I checked a couple Goodwill's store and didn't find anything good. I ended up getting mine on EBay but it just wasn't good enough.
Chris and Deb hit Ragstock and found the mother load. They ended up with full festive outfits not just sweaters. So next year I'll be hitting up that store for a good laugh and a sweater.
It was pretty much unanimous and Deb was crowned the wiener of the 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. The winner recd a traveling trophy (didn't get a picture of that) and a Caribou gift card.

I think the pictures tell the story!!

Bjorgaard Christmas come early

Chase in his Christmas p.j's and new golf game.
Opening Gifts! Adults gift opening. The dice game.

Chase opening a gift. He gets it this year.

The (7) nieces and nephew.
We celebrated the Bjorgaard Christmas a week early this year. Eric's sister Cheri and her girls came down from TRF on Saturday afternoon. I decided since next year I'll be a tired mother of 2 I would host the Christmas this year. Dinner turned out great and there is still ham left over.

The kids enjoyed opening their gifts (after doing the dishes). And the adults played the dice game. The most wanted gift this year was Best Buy gift cards.

Winter Chase

Eric styled his hair that morning!

I thought this one was funny. Doesn't look like he has legs.

4-5 year old hat!!!

Chase is loving the chance to go outside in the snow. He doesn't mind putting on the gear to go outside. I think he enjoys wearing the hat. Here's some shots of him with his hat and gloves. (had to buy a 2nd hat since the first one was too small) I think this one is a 4-5 year old. He also loves wearing my boots around the house. I haven't got a chance to get out in the snow with him yet. Hopefully after Christmas. I did buy him a sled and shovel now to entertain himself while out there.

Grandpa Mike Vists

My dad came down last week to spend some time with Chase. He had a couple days off so he brought down my Christmas dishes (just in time) and did a little shopping himself. Not sure what they did during the day but here's a couple shots of them putting a leaf into the table. Chase liked hanging out under there so much we might have to turn it into a fort this winter.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chase's Turkey hands

On the left 2008 Turkey/Right 2009 Turkey

Chase and his Turkey friends (19 months old)
Picture of us from last year. (7 months old)

Last year for Chase's 1st Thanksgiving we made a Turkey out of his hands and feet. We did the same again this year. And there has been a little growth. He didn't quite double but close. Here's some shots of Chase and his Turkey's.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Parker, Chase, and Addy enjoying their movie

Aliyah enjoying her fudge puddle treat!

Addision and her sugar cookie
O.k. so I'm a little behind on my posts. And I'm a bad mom because I didn't take any photos of Chase on Thanksgiving Day. We spent the whole day in Hastings at Char's house. Great food and a very nice relaxing day.
I was going to get up for early Black Friday shopping but never got out of bed in time (Eric had to work at 8). Chase and I ventured out mid-morning and we were able to get the deals I was looking for. Thank god for the dum dum sucker the lady at Kohl's gave us while waiting in line. Chase looked like a smurf when finished with it but it kept from any melt downs while in line.

On Saturday Chase and I along with Sarah, Addy, and Parker drove down to Rochester to visit the Alby's at her mom's place. For the 2nd year in a row I've went down there and we did some Christmas baking. Krista and Sheryl had everything thing bought so we went to work right away. The kids played well together and Chase loved their clock and by the end of the day had Addy saying "Clock" like him. We made fudge puddles, some kind of chocolate thing, and sugar cookies. (I made my batch a little thin so they turned out more like sugar wafers than a sugar cookie)
We watched the Rislov kids on Saturday night and all went well with 3 kids. They all played very well but you could tell what kid has never been to daycare. He took pretty much every toy away from Addy but she just moved onto something else.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby News!!

So most of you already know but I figured I would put word out there for those that don't. We are expecting another little one come May. I'm 16 weeks and at my appointment yesterday everything was good. We figured let's get this kids stuff out of the way and also figured Chase needed a playmate. (He's not a huge fan of Fonzie and feeling is mutual)
My due date is May 19th but I'll be doing a c-section so will be going earlier than that. Our next appointment is the ultrasound but we won't be finding out the sex again. So at least we will have some surprise come May.
I'm doing much better these days. I was a mess most of fall. From the sickness (all day long) and no energy. I can tell you it was tough to work all day and than go home and be a mom. Not like the first time around when I spent my nights and weekends on the couch all day. But bouncing back quickly. Just in time for Christmas!!! I'm starting to show and won't be long before maternity clothes will have to come out.
We are looking for names as right now we have nothing. I'll be sure to keep everyone in the blog world posted on the latest news.