Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brayden is 8 months already

Brayden trying on dad's socking cap
This is what happens when you put the oatmeal bowl down and let the dog outside.

I figured I better post a 8 month update before he turns 9 months in Feb. The household was hit with the flu for a week. Than Fonzie got sick and spent a night at the vet. He's home and on the mend. So other than all that fun stuff we are just living life around here.

I didn't get a weight on Brayden this month or a height measurement. Next month he will have another check up so we will get all that good stuff. But what a difference a month makes. He's now crawling on all fours and boy can he get around. Eric called him a boomerang you put him down in one spot walk away from him and within seconds he's back at your feet. He's standing up on everything and walking around things by holding on. He stands by himself for a couple secs but hasn't really took any steps. He can crawl up the stairs this brought the return of the gates in our household. He's starting to use his voice more and is babbling up a storm.

He still eats really well and spits up lots. He isn't sleeping though the night. (I'm pretty sure Chase was sleeping though the nights by now.) But he takes a bottle and goes right back to sleep. And he is holding his own bottle now so that is nice. He has the 2 bottom teeth but think he's working on others.

He also still loves to giggle at things Chase does. Chase on the other hand isn't as friendly to him and is in total brat mode with him. I hope soon Chase gets that they can be good friends. I have a feeling on Brayden's next update he will be walking. If he can get pass all the bumps and bruises. He has some crabby days but all in all is still a great baby and is getting to big to fast!!

Sorry don't know how to turn the other way.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eric's 34th Birthday

Eric has one of those bad time of the year Birthday's. It's always cold and many people are still recovering from the Holidays. We decided to keep it low key this year. I talked him into going to Benihana's to celebrate his birthday. I had been wanting to take Chase there and show him cooking in action (since he doesn't see it a lot around this house). He loved it!! There was a lot of wow's and ohhh's as the man cooked, chopped, and threw food around. He liked his steak and loves shrimp so he even ate mine too.

Char and Randy were on this side of the cities too so they joined us for the birthday celebration as well. Brayden had a little accident and let me just say he came in with 2 shirts and left with 1. I so not loving this teething stage and all the other side effects it has.

For Eric's actual Birthday it worked out to be his day off. He slept in, played video games all day, and lined up a baby-sitter so just the two of us could go out for dinner and a movie. We had a gift card to use at Bonfire so headed there and it was so peacefully to eat just the two of us. (forgot what that was like) We went to the Showplace Theatre in SLP and did the VIP movie. The VIP has bigger seats that are like recliners, lots more room, and you can drink in that section. The movie "Black Swan" wasn't great but the fact that we could watch a whole movie and not be interrupted by kids made up for it. I will be planning these nights more often I so forgot how great it can be.

Here are some pictures from out night at Benihana's.

Sorry Eric you couldn't be the cook the hat doesn't fit and you don't know how to cook.

Ahh Me Chinese!

Brayden had his fav mix veggies
The hat was the kid's menu it's a much better fit on Chase.Happy Birthday Eric!!! Brayden didn't make it the whole night.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve Weekend

Another year has come and gone just like that. We were very happy to welcome Brayden in 2010!!! A second boy was such a surprise and one day the two of them will be best friends (I hope?).

We spent New Years Eve at our house with good friends. We all have kids so a baby-sitter for a 6 year old, 3-2 year olds, and 2-7 month old probably doesn't exist. We did the usual apps, drinks, and games. This year it even included jello-shots which we finished all 48 of them!! Eric of course had to work on New Years Day but lucky for him it was a shorter schedule. We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging low.

On Sunday Chase and I went to a movie in the afternoon MegaMind. It was pretty cute. Than after his nap we brought the boys bowling. Chase is a pro at this on the WII and is currently trying to master it on the Xbox Kinnect too. So it was no surprise he knew what to do when we got to the bowling alley.
Here are some photos from our night at the lanes. Sad to say for Eric and I but Chase almost beat us the second game. I don't think I had been bowling since I was prego with Chase 3 years ago. We will be back since he enjoys it so much. Brayden also enjoyed just sitting in his car seat and checking the lights and people out.
A great night to end a great weekend and now onto 2011!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Holiday pictures

The Drury Family 2010 Picture
The Bjorgaard's (minus the Fonz)
Oh look here is Fonzie. He's Christmased out
This picture didn't do the trees justice. They were partly glowing red Christmas morning.

Pictures of Chase over the Holiday

Sledding in TRF with the Schuster's. He had more fun eating and throwing snow than sledding.

Pots and Pans for his new kitchen set.

Daddy and Chase hogging the bed.

Chase on the way home from Christmas. We didn't have much more room in the car.

Making us some food in his kitchen/market set.

Climbing the hill in the back yard trying to shovel.

Pictures of Brayden over the Holiday

His 1st attempt to climb over something.
All wrapped up!
He found more enjoyment out of eating the paper than what was inside the box.

Crawling and screaming what he does best these days.

Finding trouble in the food pantry (but look he pulled himself up)

And his favorite spot these days trying to figure out how to get up them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm back from a Great Christmas-New Year Break!

It's been over 2 weeks since I've blogged. We have been busy like everyone with holiday events. We all survived and reality hit me when it took me over an hour to get home from work tonight because of the little snow fall that came through during the rush hours.

Brayden has been a busy little guy these last couple weeks. He started climbing on boxes when I was packing them up to go up north. That soon followed with pulling himself up on the bottom step. Than the 1st morning we got up to TRF a little tooth came though on his lower gums. He's still army crawling but moving pretty fast now. He also is pulling himself up on everything-chairs, ottomans, exersaucer, bath tubs, the entertainment center. But with all his great achievements he's getting a little banged up. There are lots of falls taking place. I would really like to wrap him in bubble wrap until he starts to walk. Which I don't think he's far from doing. Chase starting walking around this time 2 years ago at 8 1/2 months. Brayden will be 8 months Jan 13th.

Chase enjoyed all the holiday events. He has a sweet tooth for sugar cookies. He left opening gifts to hide behind Brayden's high chair to eat cookies. (we aren't sure how many he ate before we found him). He's still really into Charlie Brown and wants to watch the Thanksgiving and Christmas show every day and many times a day. I told him the Holiday's are done we have to find something else to watch. He didn't like that answer. He had to go almost a week with out playing the WII and survived. When we were in TRF for Christmas he played a lot with his cousin Bridger. They were crazy busy!! I'm so glad I don't have twin 2 year olds. A lot of basketball was played with Grandpa. Now a days Chase is starting to see Brayden get a little more attention so he's acting out. I wouldn't not call him Brayden's #1 fan anymore. Now that he can move and get to Chase's toys faster it's war. And yet a new struggle begins big brother bully's. I'm guessing this one might last a couple years.

Myself was able to get together with all my high school buddies when I was back in TRF. Very rare we are all there around the same time. I took an afternoon and had lunch with the ladies one day. And for those that couldn't make that date I met up with Saturday night at the bars. Great to see everyone and can't wait until Girls Weekend when we will have more time together.

Eric's work was closed for 3 days in a row so he was able to join us up north just in time for Christmas. I can't say it was totally relaxing but glad it worked out once again this year to be able to go up north for the holidays.

We welcome 2011 and exicted what to see the little guys have in store for us!!!!