Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eric's 34th Birthday

Eric has one of those bad time of the year Birthday's. It's always cold and many people are still recovering from the Holidays. We decided to keep it low key this year. I talked him into going to Benihana's to celebrate his birthday. I had been wanting to take Chase there and show him cooking in action (since he doesn't see it a lot around this house). He loved it!! There was a lot of wow's and ohhh's as the man cooked, chopped, and threw food around. He liked his steak and loves shrimp so he even ate mine too.

Char and Randy were on this side of the cities too so they joined us for the birthday celebration as well. Brayden had a little accident and let me just say he came in with 2 shirts and left with 1. I so not loving this teething stage and all the other side effects it has.

For Eric's actual Birthday it worked out to be his day off. He slept in, played video games all day, and lined up a baby-sitter so just the two of us could go out for dinner and a movie. We had a gift card to use at Bonfire so headed there and it was so peacefully to eat just the two of us. (forgot what that was like) We went to the Showplace Theatre in SLP and did the VIP movie. The VIP has bigger seats that are like recliners, lots more room, and you can drink in that section. The movie "Black Swan" wasn't great but the fact that we could watch a whole movie and not be interrupted by kids made up for it. I will be planning these nights more often I so forgot how great it can be.

Here are some pictures from out night at Benihana's.

Sorry Eric you couldn't be the cook the hat doesn't fit and you don't know how to cook.

Ahh Me Chinese!

Brayden had his fav mix veggies
The hat was the kid's menu it's a much better fit on Chase.Happy Birthday Eric!!! Brayden didn't make it the whole night.

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