Monday, August 23, 2010

Cassius Chase

When Chase isn't outside playing baseball he's mastering the boxing game on the WII sports video game. He has worked his way up to the pro level on the game. Not sure how he does it because I can't seem to knock out any miis and I work up a sweat attempting it. He just has his little arms moving and manages to knock people out quickly. When he's not boxing on the WII he likes to use his Hulk hands as boxing gloves and take us on. He imitates the WII game and falls down slowly. If you win on the game they replay your win in slow motion. In the video below he's boxing his cousin Brita while his other cousin Becka watches. Russ was on full Manny duty that day and took on a couple more kids to entertain the boys.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Brayden 3 months old

On Friday the 13th Brayden turned 3 months. He's getting to be such a big boy. He figured out last week that he has a voice. So he's been cooing and screaming away in delight. Chase says "Hey he's talking". He still loves to smile at you and his personality seems really laid back. His favorite thing to do is chew on his hands. He's holding his head up nice and steady and even stands really well when you hold him up. He enjoys napping (that's my boy!) and loves to be outside and stare at different objects. He mostly only gets up once during the night to eat so that has been really great since my return to work. Though not sure Eric's happy about it because now he has to get up every other night with him.

His stats to date: 15.5 lbs and 25 inches long.

He doesn't have a check up this month that comes again at 4mths with a bunch more shots :( I also took him to Sears to have his 3mth photo shoot. I should get those pics back this week. Of course I wasn't totally happy with them but I'm I ever?

Here is the big 3 month old chilling in his seat.

Standing by the couch.

Here is a small video of the little guy talking to Russ.

My little Joe Mauer

Chase has really been enjoying playing baseball this summer and he's getting pretty good. As he says he hits lots of "home runs" and he "rips it" quiet a bit. We let him play in the house with a soft ball but that is becoming a little dangerous. Lucky for us the park a couple blocks away has a baseball field that is rarely used by anyone. Since being back to work I try and make a point of taking him there on Sat mornings. Russ has been taking him there on the days it doesn't rain. Brayden mostly takes a cat nap in the shade. Chase burns off a ton of energy running the bases (or running after the ball every time he hits it-doesn't fully understand the whole game yet).
Every once in a while he'll even let us hit the ball. The other day the Park and Rec guy at the park couldn't believe he was only 2 because he was hitting the ball so hard. Majors here we come!!

Since this was daddy's favorite sport he's enjoying teaching him the game. Maybe Brayden will be a volleyball man?

Here is some video of Russ and him playing in he back yard. Sorry so shaky I was holding Brayden in the other hand.

Also here is some video of him singing "Take me out to the ball game".

Here is a pic of his new Twins hat Uncle Russ brought him. Add ImageThe one Grandpa got him was getting to small (Bjorgaard heads).

My Fly New Ride

My lovely hard working husband hooked me up with a new car. I had a year left on my lease with the Ford Edge but really like the Flex he has been driving as a demo from work. He worked his magic and a couple of weeks ago I became the proud new owner of a 2011 Ford Flex.

It has 3rd row seating which I really wanted. And if no one is riding in the seats they fold down for extra cargo room. This one has some other extras the Edge didn't have. It has navigation, dvd's in the headrest, tailgating seats (3rd row seats flip backwards), a regular outlet to plug electrical things in, and a cooler in the center console in the 2nd row of seats.

So far I'm loving it!!! I know a lot of people don't like the looks. Eric and I agree we must be getting old when we choose comfort over looks.

I'm hoping this makes the long trips to TRF a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes I did Survive Girls Weekend!!

I didn't blog at all last week but I'm still here and survived yet another unforgettable girls weekend. My camera took a little tumble on Friday night on our way back from the bar so it's with the Geek Squad at Best Buy getting repaired. (so no pictures from Girls weekend until I can get it back and get it off my memory card).
The last week I had to find other means of taking photos. Eric got us a great Canon EOS Rebel camera but I have to admit I'm scared of it. It's fancy and I haven't taken the time to really learn how to use it (another thing not done while out on maternity leave). I need to learn how to use it before these guys get to big and start locking themselves in their rooms. And they don't want their dear old mom taken a ton of pictures every day. (lets hope that is years from now)

So getting back to girls weekend. It was a perfect weekend at Breezy Point. We had some rain but it came and went at the right times and didn't damper our tanning hours or bar hours. Our cabin was perfect for the 8 of us. It had a nice screened in porch so we gathered out there for games, drinks, shots, and to eat.

On Friday morning us city girls stopped at Grand Casino Milacs in hopes of making a "Grand Casino story". This didn't happen but I'm happy to report "The Monkees'" slot machine was nice to me and brought me from $50 down to being $50 up. We got some sun on Friday at the beach and headed back to our cabin for dinner, drinks, and game called "Things" (really fun!), and let us not forget shots. We stayed on the Breezy Point resort the whole time. The Dockside bar had a great band that kept us on the dance floor for most of the evening. When it was time to leave we walked the block back to our cabin and hit the beds.
Now you would think with no kids I could sleep in but being I had to much to drink and a horrible headache Saturday morning I was up at 7. I started talking to "my buddy" Kara and we soon had the whole cabin up. On Saturday we rented a pontoon boat from the resort for 4 hours. It was a really nice boat and besides the 1st hour of clouds the rest of the time went great. We pulled up to an island on Pelican Lake that everyone hangs out at and just soaked in the sun. (The island even has 2 goats that live there.) We had the boat back just in time for the rain to come.

On Saturday night we did much of the same thing: eat, drink, play games, gossip, take shots, and head to the bar again. When heading back from bar that night we encountered a naked local man. I guess on the weekends he likes to hang outside at his cabin naked and listen to the reactions he gets from passer byes. He got a couple choice words from our group.

Like I said in the beginning another great weekend with great friends. I wish we could do this more often. It's like we are back in school again with no real responsibilities. We all love our families but it's a well deserved break from them. We now have a couple more one liners to add to our list of insults and inside jokes. And I'm up $35 since the person's name I had puked 1st (Jeanne).

Love you ladies and can't wait until next year! Until than "BEAT IT!!" and SHOT SHOT SHOT!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Weekend 2010 Here I Come!!

I've been looking forward to this weekend since last years girls weekend ended. The girls from the cities and Kara(our one WI friend) meet the TRF girls somewhere in the middle of MN for a weekend of laughter, drinks, sun, and this year a pontoon boat. We are heading to Breezy Point Resort. We have a 3 bedroom cabin somewhere on the resort to call home for a couple days. Last year my stomach hurt for a couple days from all the laughing we did. We aren't always nice to each other but it's all good and being we have been friends for 20 years now I think we can handle it.

So us 8 girls will leave behind our 8 husbands and 19 kids for one peaceful weekend.

Here are a couple photos from last year at Madden's on Gull Lake.

Brayden's Summer

Look how big my little guy is getting? Here are a couple shots of Brayden hanging out because that is pretty much all he does. We did get out the exersaucer even though he might be a little small yet. But since he's such a strong little guy with a little support he sits in their good. It's nice to change up his routine. His other options tummy time, bouncy seat time, swing time, and stroller time.
I can't believe next week he will be 3 months already. I will be taking him in for a 3mth photo shoot. Cross your fingers he's as happy as he always is.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chase and summer

Here are some more shots of Chase doing some summer fun. At the beach, playing in his sand table, finger painting, playing baseball, and helping mom get dinner ready.

We can't believe how much he's turning into a little man. He's going on the potty a little now (but he doesn't tell us when he has to go). He's learning to dress himself and can get his pants on pretty fast now. He is getting to be really helpful with Brayden. He'll get diapers, bottles, and gives him his nuk too. Love the help and love the fact that he likes to help his little brother and me out.