Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Vikes!!

Here's Chase in his game day outfit complete with horns. And the 2nd picture I cut off his head but thought it was to cute. It's either some sort of football move or a move to get the camera out of his face.

Chase's 3rd Haircut

The Before

The during

Chase hadn't had a haircut in a while. His hair doesn't grow rapidly by any means but it was starting to get long around the ears and his cow lick was starting to get really out of control. We brought him to Eric's hairdresser and at first we thought he wasn't having it. But with a little help from some peanut m&m's he sat really still. He admired himself in the mirror and even let her use the electric razor on him.

Here's a couple pictures from the haircut. I wasn't able to get a good after shot for he won't sit still for me long enough.

Fuddruckers for lunch

Hey there" sweet mamma" do you drive around here often?

Sarah and I met for lunch on Saturday with the kids. They enjoyed playing on the game machines as much as I enjoyed the strawberry malt. Here's a couple shots of Chase trying to pick up Addy while driving.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading us books

Since Chase spends most of his time at home with uncle Russ he gets a lot of book reading time in. His new thing is to pick up books and start reading them to you. Since he's heard some of them a hundred times we think he's trying to say the words to the book but as you can hear the words come out a little different. He's reading "The Monster at the end of this Book" starring Grover. In the story Grover doesn't want to get to the end of the book so he asks you to not turn the page. I think this is what Chase is trying to say (Don't turn the page).

The video was to long to post on the blog so I had to post to You Tube. Enjoy!

Chase and his new bath toy

Cousin Bridger got Chase a basketball hoop for the tub for a Christmas gift. We just got it out of the package last week and set it up. Every time you make a shot it roars at you. Here's a video of him dribbling and than shooting. We will have to challenge him a little right now he does more dunking than shooting. But it's a start.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby #2 Will Arrive May 13th!

Baby sucking it's fingers
Profile of the baby
Hiding his/her face

I had my 20 week ultra sound on Monday and a follow up doctor appointment on Wednesday. Everything looks good. Baby had it's hands over it's face a lot during the ultrasound. So it's for sure Eric's kid (he hates getting his picture taken). Baby didn't do a lot of moving around for the tech but we got a couple good shots. We didn't want to find out the sex so she stayed away from that area. I measured right on my due date of May 19th and the baby weighed 14oz.

The ultrasound checks for 260 abnormalities with all those pictures it takes. All those test came back negative so we can stop stressing a little. There was one little issue I seem to have low amniotic fluid levels. So I will be doing another ultrasound in a month. Since I haven't had any other issues the doctor isn't worried. I guess a little more rest for me and more fluids in my diet.

The doctor checked his schedule and it looks like Thursday, May 13th will be the baby's birthday. No confirmed time yet but the paperwork is being processed at the hospital.

I think this afternoon it really hit me that this baby is coming. Over half way now!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Trailer Park Tragedy on NYE!!!!

The Trailer Court Tenants:
Wilbur (Ryan)-gas station attendant who was a little slow,
Lula Bela (Cindy)-town slut
Bonnie Sue Montana (Deb)-tattoo artist,
Mel/Melanie (Sarah)-by day Mel newspaper reporter and by night Melanie exotic dancer,
Billy Bob Montana (Chris)-sleazy repair man,
Jamie Moon (Russ)-hippie pot head who loved his guitar,
Scoop Blackwell (Eric D)-investigative reporter who was also a drunk,
Boss Hoss (Eric B)-owner of the trailer park,
and finally Elise (me)-gypsy fortune teller.
Chase getting into the game. And don't worry that is a prop cigarette in his mouth.

Mel/Melanie (Sarah)-role playing Melanie for me.

Billy Bob and Bonnie Sue Montana aka the SLP Bjorgaard's.

Ah -two middle school buddies that never looked so good!!
The Eric's-could you guess these 2 are car guys???

The Hopkins Bjorgaard's

A different approach to New Years this year. Sister-in law Deb called me Tuesday afternoon at work and said she found a murder mystery came online to play. For $30 you downloaded all the clues and information. Assigned your guests by evite and let the fun start. Since it was such short notice we didn't get a lot of people but that was o.k. The people that came made it worth it with their costumes!! It was also good to play the game with a small crowd since we didn't know what we were doing.

Since it was a trailer park theme we went grocery shopping for only the best. Pretzels, popcorn, chicken in a biscuit, canned cheese (aka vacation cheese), and a return to the old days Busch Light cans. And let us not forget the Twinkies and Ho Ho's.

The game itself was o.k. No one figured out who done it but in the end it was me!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chase's 2nd Christmas

The Drury, Bjorgaard, Wilcox clan

Chase and his new Mickey Mouse

Fonzie catching some zzz's on Eric's legs. These pj pants
Eric's wearing was a gift from his 1st son Fonz.

Chase eating some snacks from his stockingOpening gifts (he doesn't look very exicted in this shot
but he loves the clock he got)

Bridger opening a book about his favorite things.

We spent Chase's 2nd Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Drury's in TRF. Things were a little different this year with my Grandma's passing last year. We mostly always spent Christmas Eve at her house but this year we just stayed at my parents house. My aunt and uncle Mike and Shirley joined us and of course Lindsay, David, and Bridger.

The boys understood opening gifts a little more this year. Though would get hung up on one toy and we would have to remind them there were more gifts to be open. Chase made a nice haul with a new bus, puzzles, cuckoo clock, books, elmo doll, baseball glove with balls, and of course clothes. One of his favorite gifts was from Santa. Santa had placed a Mickey Mouse doll (with clock) under the tree unwrapped. When he got up Christmas morning and finally seen it his jaw dropped with shock and he finally got out the words "Mickey Mouse". Eric said that was his best Christmas gift to see the pure joy on his son's face when he seen that Mickey doll.

All in all a great Christmas!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Last Blizzard of the decade!!

Eric, Chase, and the moose!

A trip though the deep snow!

The drift that formed on my parent's roof.

Chase, I and the moose

We made it up north for Christmas after a very stressful drive. We left Wed night and it had snowed for about 2 hours before we hit the road. We had hoped to drive out of it but no such luck. We arrived in Thief River Falls at 2am Christmas Eve morning. Glad to be there and to be safe. It pretty much didn't stop snowing until Saturday. They went from no snow to around 13 inches. A lot of road weren't plowed so thankful we had 4-wheel drive. Eric also took the chance to snow blow a couple times since we don't do that at our place. (thank you association!)
With the nice temps we took a couple trips outside in the yard to play. Chase loved the lighted moose my mom had in her front yard. He also liked the little sled she had but wasn't sure about the deep snow.

Vegetable Beef Soup

One of Chase's new foods is soup. Still a little hard for him to eat it. But he sure loves it. You get lots of yums when he does manage to get it in his mouth. Here is a couple shots of his soup and applesauce lunch.