Monday, January 4, 2010

Trailer Park Tragedy on NYE!!!!

The Trailer Court Tenants:
Wilbur (Ryan)-gas station attendant who was a little slow,
Lula Bela (Cindy)-town slut
Bonnie Sue Montana (Deb)-tattoo artist,
Mel/Melanie (Sarah)-by day Mel newspaper reporter and by night Melanie exotic dancer,
Billy Bob Montana (Chris)-sleazy repair man,
Jamie Moon (Russ)-hippie pot head who loved his guitar,
Scoop Blackwell (Eric D)-investigative reporter who was also a drunk,
Boss Hoss (Eric B)-owner of the trailer park,
and finally Elise (me)-gypsy fortune teller.
Chase getting into the game. And don't worry that is a prop cigarette in his mouth.

Mel/Melanie (Sarah)-role playing Melanie for me.

Billy Bob and Bonnie Sue Montana aka the SLP Bjorgaard's.

Ah -two middle school buddies that never looked so good!!
The Eric's-could you guess these 2 are car guys???

The Hopkins Bjorgaard's

A different approach to New Years this year. Sister-in law Deb called me Tuesday afternoon at work and said she found a murder mystery came online to play. For $30 you downloaded all the clues and information. Assigned your guests by evite and let the fun start. Since it was such short notice we didn't get a lot of people but that was o.k. The people that came made it worth it with their costumes!! It was also good to play the game with a small crowd since we didn't know what we were doing.

Since it was a trailer park theme we went grocery shopping for only the best. Pretzels, popcorn, chicken in a biscuit, canned cheese (aka vacation cheese), and a return to the old days Busch Light cans. And let us not forget the Twinkies and Ho Ho's.

The game itself was o.k. No one figured out who done it but in the end it was me!!

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