Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby #2 Will Arrive May 13th!

Baby sucking it's fingers
Profile of the baby
Hiding his/her face

I had my 20 week ultra sound on Monday and a follow up doctor appointment on Wednesday. Everything looks good. Baby had it's hands over it's face a lot during the ultrasound. So it's for sure Eric's kid (he hates getting his picture taken). Baby didn't do a lot of moving around for the tech but we got a couple good shots. We didn't want to find out the sex so she stayed away from that area. I measured right on my due date of May 19th and the baby weighed 14oz.

The ultrasound checks for 260 abnormalities with all those pictures it takes. All those test came back negative so we can stop stressing a little. There was one little issue I seem to have low amniotic fluid levels. So I will be doing another ultrasound in a month. Since I haven't had any other issues the doctor isn't worried. I guess a little more rest for me and more fluids in my diet.

The doctor checked his schedule and it looks like Thursday, May 13th will be the baby's birthday. No confirmed time yet but the paperwork is being processed at the hospital.

I think this afternoon it really hit me that this baby is coming. Over half way now!!

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