Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brayden Edward's updates

Brayden Brayden so much to say about this little busy man.  Let me just start to say even though Eric calls him the devil I won't give up on him.  I'm a fan of the movie "Rosemary's Baby" and if Mia Farrow won't give up her devil baby either will I. I think he's the cutest little naughty boy I've seen.  Yes we are learning with two it's more work and you have to use different parenting techniques on each kid. 

It was this time last year that Brayden starting taking his first steps and boy he has never looked back.  Some of his favorite things to do: climb in the bathroom sinks and play with the toothbrushes, play in the toilet water or any place that has water, climb on the computer desk, and play in the fridge (we now have to tie it shut or it gets left open).
But when he's not doing stuff to drive us crazy he likes to play on his learning laptop, play on the Ipad, read books, listen to his lullaby cd, push a shopping cart around, and watch Mickey Mouse.  And let us not forget copying what Chase does and also finding ways to drive Chase crazy. 

Brayden has a little temper and lets you know it.  He will go out of his way when he doesn't get what he wants to throw a sippy cup or what ever he can find near by.  He makes a funny grunting noise and than within minutes is laughing.  (we think he's laughing at us because of the look of terror on our face) You know the look of "What the hell just happen."  I think he lives for those looks from us. 

Everyday he's saying more and more words.  He's got the basics down but now we are getting some short sentences out of him. "I did that." Or "I see that." Of course the thing he has been saying forever when we are at a stop light he says "Turn green right now!" He is counting and sometimes he will just start counting out loud.  And the most recent is he is learning his "ABC's".  I don't know if it's the learning laptop or Ipad preschool games he plays but he is recognizing his letters and saying them correctly to me when I show him one. 

Brayden has always been a pretty good eater but not the best sleeper.  He started crawling out of his crib in November and when he ended up in our room one night in the middle of the night we decided to change his bed to the toddler bed.  So at first there was a transition for this which gave us many long nights.  Than after Christmas we took away the nuk which he only got at night and for naps.  He never asked for it but it was an ugly two weeks after taking it from him cold turkey.  We were both up with him a couple times a night sometimes for a couple hours.  But the last couple weeks he is starting to be easier to put to bed and stays there for the most part.  Many times we find him sleeping in the rocking chair with his baby and cd player.  So sweet. 

With his full set of hair and cute little voice and his little attitude this baby will be a great joy over the summer. Watch out other toddlers at the park the dare devil with no fear Brayden will be on the loose!!

Here were some cute shots I took of him in the bathtub playing with his letters. 

Chase Michael updates

It's been a while since I posted what the boys are up too.  Chase will be turning 4 in April (I can't believe it). The birthday party planning is in the earlier planning stages.  He likes to bowl so there is talks of taking the party outside our home this year. 

Chase has been keeping busy this winter with playing sports indoors.  He has 2 basketball hoops in the living room that when he watches the games also decides it's game time for himself.  He doesn't watch a ton of the game but goes back and forth between the hoops shooting the ball.  If it's not basketball he still likes baseball and we allow a soft bat and ball to be used in the living room.  He also loves his boxing gloves, football, and he did get a hockey net and sticks for Christmas but hasn't played with that as much. 
We already have him signed up for tee-ball this spring and can't wait for him to get out there and play.  He also has been in swimming since last fall.  He is showing so much improvement from this time last year. 

When he's not playing a sport he's playing the WII or Xbox or Ipad or watching his new favorite show "The Octonuts."  He is getting more into board games too so I always enjoy when I suggest a game and he says yes. 

He is a total daddy's boy and loves to hang out with Eric and on Eric.  He climbs all over him like Eric's a jungle gym.  I can also talk him into doing some stuff with me.  We have been doing a craft project every weekend.  He's into it for about 10 mins than runs off.  So I have to find projects that don't take long or I find myself doing most of the crafting.  Another thing he enjoys doing is baking.  He loves to mix the muffins or cookie mix up and of course always wants to lick the bowl when done. 

Chase is also attending preschool twice a week for a couple hours.  He seems to enjoy going there and playing with the other kids, reading new books, painting us pictures, and of course the daily treat.  We will be going to conferences in a couple weeks to see how he is doing.  Eric and I have already checked out a school for him and have high hopes he can get into a Spanish charter school in Minnetonka.  Next year he will be in YBK (year before kindergarten) class and that will be 3 days a week half days. 

He comes up with the funniest things to say and still loves us to read books to him at nap and night time and snuggle with him.  I will for sure miss the day when he doesn't want us to help him to bed at night.
Just a couple pictures of Chase doing his thing.

Brayden the Bird @ The Little Gym

Brayden also has been going to a class at the Little Gym.  His class is a parent and me class.  So for the first session we scheduled it on Eric's day off so they could have some bonding time.  Eric said Brayden wasted no time exploring the place and trying out all the different equipment.  He doesn't always hang out at the big red mat with the others because that would take away from his exploring time.  This is a great way for the kid that never stops moving to climb, jump, and fall in a padded area!!!  He like Chase got the "Get Moving" award.  I'm guessing it's maybe just boys but these two never sit still and even the teachers at the Little Gym see it.  Not a bad thing they just love to keep everyone moving. 
Here are some pictures from Brayden's class.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Little Gym

Last fall we started the boys both in classes at "The Little Gym"  to get them out of the house and some exercise in these long winter months. They had their mid year show case and we were able to come see what they have been learning. 
Now Brayden's class is a parent/child class so Eric had been taking Brayden Thursday's for some good daddy/son time.  He changed classes last week so I have started taking him on the weekend.  More pictures of Brayden's show case to come.

Chase is enrolled in a sports class for 3-5 year olds.  They do a variety of different sports each week.  In this session their main focus was on soccer, golf, & football.  Below are some pics from his showcase.  In the 3rd picture is a giant blow up track for them to run and jump across.  Chase pretty much just ran across it each time not taking the time to jump or do somersaults like the other kids. 

They gave out awards at the end of the show case and won't you know it Chase got the "Get Moving" award.  They said he's always ready for the next sport and to get in there and get down to playing it.  Yes this is my sports baby!!  Even at home he's always playing a sport.  It's baseball in the spring/summer and now it has been basketball since the T-wolves started playing again but he enjoys pretty much every sport. Even mommy's favorite Volleyball!!  Keeps us on our toes!!