Friday, February 3, 2012

The Little Gym

Last fall we started the boys both in classes at "The Little Gym"  to get them out of the house and some exercise in these long winter months. They had their mid year show case and we were able to come see what they have been learning. 
Now Brayden's class is a parent/child class so Eric had been taking Brayden Thursday's for some good daddy/son time.  He changed classes last week so I have started taking him on the weekend.  More pictures of Brayden's show case to come.

Chase is enrolled in a sports class for 3-5 year olds.  They do a variety of different sports each week.  In this session their main focus was on soccer, golf, & football.  Below are some pics from his showcase.  In the 3rd picture is a giant blow up track for them to run and jump across.  Chase pretty much just ran across it each time not taking the time to jump or do somersaults like the other kids. 

They gave out awards at the end of the show case and won't you know it Chase got the "Get Moving" award.  They said he's always ready for the next sport and to get in there and get down to playing it.  Yes this is my sports baby!!  Even at home he's always playing a sport.  It's baseball in the spring/summer and now it has been basketball since the T-wolves started playing again but he enjoys pretty much every sport. Even mommy's favorite Volleyball!!  Keeps us on our toes!!

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