Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some more family photos

Here are some more from our family photo shoot. Once a again so glad all 3 boys cooperated!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegas Baby!!

So tomorrow (Thursday 11/18) at this time Eric and I will be in Las Vegas!!! This is our first vacation with out kids. It has been a long time since we went on vacation with out kids!! (I can't even remember when was the last time.) We are staying at the Flamingo on the strip. This will be my first time in sin city. Eric was out there years ago for a Denny Hecker thing. Let us just say he lost all of his money the 1st night and spent the next 2 nights in his room. So I'm crossing my fingers this trip goes better for him.
Joining us for this adventure is my brother and sister-in law (or SLP Bjorgaard's as we call them), our childhood friend Sarah and her hubby Ris, and Nate and Kember from Fargo. Should be a good crew!!
We are all staying at the same place and only have booked a couple things so we can just fly by the seat of our pants. We will be going to the "The Price is Right" on Friday night. Should be fun I hear just like the tv show only different host and you won't see us on tv. On Saturday night we are checking out the club scene. We are going to Tryst night club. I can't wait to report back to everyone what a $450 bottle of booze looks like. (yep that is what it cost in order for us to get a table so we can sit down at a club-CRAZY) We fly back late Sunday so the gamblers can bet on sports in the am.
The boys will be in good hands while we are gone. Uncle Russ is driving them up to TRF so my parents can watch them for the long weekend. I'm a little nervous for Russ and the car trip but hopefully he gets there still sane enough to bring them back to us on Sunday.
So maybe some pictures to come from this great weekend but of course what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so we will see!! Hehe

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Pictures done right

We had a holiday family shoot a couple Sunday's ago. We just got some of the pictures back and they turned out pretty good. No Chase leaving the photo shoot this time and Brayden didn't burst out crying. And with the 30 min shoot Eric even behaved.

Check out Paula C's blog on the right under "My Blog List". I'll post more pictures later when I get the cd.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

6 months already

It's hard to believe 6 months ago today Brayden was born on a beautiful spring day. Especially since we woke up today to our first snow fall of the year. And so far it's a doozy!! The trees looks so cool with all the thick snow covering them. A great scene to look at but sure glad today it's Saturday and we are staying inside the cozy house for the day. Though Eric is at work today hopefully making a couple sales.

View outside the front door this morning.

We found one of our squirrel friends in the trees this morning.

Brayden continues to be a happy baby but starting to show some signs of "give me what I want right now or I'll scream until I get it." I have stopped with the breast milk so it's formula full time now. He's becoming more and more of a puker and formula puke makes me gag. The good side is he's loving his baby food. Haven't found a food he won't eat yet (though we haven't tried prunes). He's like a little bird when eating just sits there the whole time with his mouth open waiting for more.

Look I can hold my own bottle but not for long enough to feed myself yet.

He's almost crawling now too. He gets up on all 4's and moves his little body back and forth until he scoots forward. I'm sure by Christmas we will have a crawler. (YIKES!) His main means of movement though is rolling. He rolls everywhere until he gets stuck against a wall. He hasn't figured out how to roll the other direction yet.

I was trying to make him crawl to the bottle here. He got there but by pulling himself around.

He is still a joy to take places because he just loves to look around. And at this age he can't run away from you. He just stares and takes it all in. He is also a great sleeper when it's time for bed he gets fussy and you can put him right in his crib. This one doesn't need to be rocked for a while he just falls asleep on his own. I do miss the cuddling so I'll steal him from bed from time to time and he will sleep right on my chest. So he can be a good snuggler (and little heater).

We won't have his official weight and height until his 6mth check up which is in a couple weeks. But again 6 months has went by so fast and he has been such a great baby I could almost have more(?).

Hard to believe in 6 more months our little happy camper will be 1 and the weather should be beautiful once again!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Look it's a Prowler Fan!!

Brayden supporting his dad and mom's high school!!!
And he's sitting all by himself.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Trip to the zoo

I decided to take the boys to the zoo by myself on Saturday am. I had some tickets from work to use up and figured since it was a nice day what the heck. I'm happy to report it was a great trip. Chase really enjoyed the morning and could of watched the fish all day long. Of course most of the animals were sleeping but at least they were sleeping in the sun so we could see them. Brayden also enjoyed watching the fish & sharks too.

Here are some photos from our day.

Brayden on his 2nd trip to the zoo. Much more awake this time than when he was 3weeks old.

Chase and the giant tortoise.

Here are some animals we seen.
Bald Eagle

Kind of hard to see but this was a baby lynx born the same day as Brayden.
Chase pointing at the ugly shark.
Chase and his new tiger sword that lights up and of course he had to sleep with it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chase's 1st T-wolves game

Eric was able to get some good seats to the T-wolves game last Friday. They where 4th row on the media side center court. I would of probably passed but with those seats you're almost on the court with the guys. And being it was game 2 of the season I can say I was there in the beginning of their championship season. (yeah right!)

Chase was pretty quiet at first but by half time he had warmed up. He clapped every time any one (Wolves or Bucks) made a basket. And by the end we kind of had him howling like a wolf. Krunch in this tighty red undies
Warm ups
Chase giving the Thumbs up

Can't remember what size these shoes were but scared to think Chase's feet could be this big one day since he's already a 9.5 at age 2.