Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Come Earlier

We traveled up to TRF to visit family & friends last weekend. I always like to get up there in the fall before winter hits. Grandma Char joined us for the trip up north and we left Thursday night late. The ride went smoothly as Brayden slept and Chase watched a movie and than fell asleep.

Chase and his cute shirt!!

On Friday we hung out with Grandpa Mike and cousin Bridger for the day. It was a beautiful fall day out and we headed outside for some basketball and football. We were invited to a Halloween costume party Friday night so I got the boys and I all dressed up and we headed to that. Chase enjoyed it and I tied for 1st place prize with my costume. Brayden enjoyed it so much he feel asleep half way though the party.

The Toy story clan & Bridger Favre

One darn cute chicken On Saturday we hung out with Grandma Sue and auntie Lindsay and Bridger came over. We did some Halloween crafts (Halloween craps as Chase calls them). Chase really enjoyed using the scissor and creating a mess of paper on the floor. On Saturday night I took off to go out on the big town of TRF with some friends. I left Grandma/Grandpa in charge of the boys. They had some help from my aunt Shirley/uncle Mike but come Nov 18-21 they are on their own. Eric and I with a bunch of other couples are heading to Las Vegas!!! Grandma/Grandpa are going to watch the boys while we are away. I hope Saturday night prepared them for the 3 nights we are away.

On Sunday morning I got the troops packed up and we hit the road back home. Brayden feel asleep 15mins into the trip and slept for 3 hours. Chase watched half a movie and feel asleep for 2 hours. We had to stop in Little Falls to eat and give the kids a break from the car. Brayden cried for the last 40mins so it made the end of trip that much longer.

All and all a great weekend getaway. Chase is looking forward to Halloween on Sunday as am I since it's my favorite holiday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Carvings

Here are some shots of our pumpkin carvings from the other night. Eric was the artist with the knife. The rest of us just watched. We did help clean out pumpkin #2 but once Chase saw what I was pulling out of the pumpkin he said "I'll just hold the pumpkin. That will be fun too." (and he placed his hand on the front of the pumpkin) He is such a card!

Eric and his boys. (Fonzie was around someone too just didn't make any pics)

Out front for display. Lets hope the squirrels don't eat them before Halloween.

Chase and I doing our spooky sounds. (or howling at the moon)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chase turns 2.5 years old

Chase more interested in Connect Four on the I-pad than in his gift.
Chase with the new Leap Frog computer game I got him.
Which after he played it told me the new game is boring. I guess he knows all of the stuff on the game that came with it. I'll have to find him something more challenging but it said 3-6 year old.

Chase turned 2 1/2 on Oct 18th. I can't believe come spring he will be 3 already. He's doing great and really starting to understand so much more about life. Like he gets it that I get frustrated with him when he won't eat (he'll tell Eric at bed time "mommy is mad at me because I only took 2 bites"). He knows his ABC's very well, his colors, shapes, numbers, and is starting to read books back to us now. They are the ones we have read him a hundred times so he's doing to from memory. But it's a nice change.
He still loves to play the WII and I'm amazed how quickly he catches on to the games. Some more than others but he has no problem navigating though the menus and playing on his own. He also is a wiz at the I-pad. We have downloaded games for him to play and he loves to do that. He also likes to watch movies and check the weather on it.
He still isn't potty trained. Not great progress there. He has good days and bad days. We are all still waiting for the day he says "I have to go potty!" We keep telling him no more diapers = more money for toys. We might have to try a weekend potty boot camp soon.

He has his moments but all in all a great kid. I'm hoping the next 6 months are free of the terrible 2's.
Some quotes from Chase:
We get a lot of "let me think about that". (as he touches his face).
When I asked what he was doing down stair he says "Watching Uncle Russ, he's busy working on his new game." (meaning playing a new video game). "
"I want to go with daddy to work, let me get my tie."
"I need to sleep in your bed tonight." Who told you that Chase? "Woody and Buzz"
"Mommy that dinner smells delicious" And than when you get it on his plate that's icky.

Chase mid year stats: weight= 36.5 lbs & height=38inches

Brayden turns 5 Months

Starting to love the jumpy

This would be on Eric's watch

He's eating carrots here

Brayden turned 5 months on Wed. the 13th. Happy to report he's doing really well. A couple nights a week he will sleep all the way though the night. He's still enjoying 3 naps a day (I wish I could get in 3 cat naps a day). After we tried rice cereal the other week and he wasn't loving it we decided to give him some veggies too. We started those last week and so far so good. No true favorite yet but he's enjoying peas, green beans, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes. He is rolling all over the place and I swear sometimes he will crawl when you aren't looking. You can lay him down on the floor and walk away only to come back and he has rolled half way across the room. He also enjoying sticking everything into his mouth he can. Pretty sure he's working on some teeth. He loves to drool all over himself, you, the floor, you put anything by him and there is drool on it. He's getting stronger every day. When you put him in the bouncy seats or the swing he just pulls himself up to a sitting position. Still loves it when Fonzie gets in his face and when Chase takes the time to talk to him too.

We were at home this last weekend so I took the chance to cuddle with him lots. I'm happy to report both Brayden and mommy got some nap cuddle time in. They are the best times!!

His stats: weight=18lbs length=27 inches

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brayden Gets Baptized on 10-10-10

Brayden got Baptized on Sunday at Westwood Lutheran Church in SLP. It was a perfect day and all of our family was able to make it to his big day. He was a great baby once again. No crying at all. He was so mesmerized at all the lights he couldn't take his eyes away from the ceiling.

We choose Eric's brother Chris and his wife Deb as Brayden's sponsors. They did the baptism first thing at the service and shortly after Brayden was sleeping. Every one was invited back to our house for lunch and cake. A great day for all!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Apple Orchard

We ventured out to the Apple Orchard on Saturday with my parents, sister, and nephew. And much to every one's surprise there was no hot apple cider being purchased. It was 83 degrees that afternoon. We were actually sweating in October. We chose the Minnetonka Orchards in Minnetrista to get our apples at. Due to a frost in May there wasn't apples to pick ourselves. (though I did see people picking some). So we hit up the kiddie area. We had a quick look at the petting zoo, the boys tried to pick up pumpkins, the boys climbed up in some corn bin thing, they enjoyed playing on a train, and we all took a hay ride. Looking after two 2 years and a baby proves to be a lot even for 4 people. We were only there for a couple hours but felt like we had been there all day.

We all purchased some apples at the store. Along with some cold apple cider, apple donuts, and apple carmels(really good!!). Than it was back on the hay ride for a beautiful trip though the forest. There were some great looking fall foliage out there.
Bummed I didn't take more pictures.

Chase and Bridger climbed up in this thing and of course we had to go get them out.

Chase carrying pumpkin around. Must be a boy thing all he wanted to do was pick them up.

Bridger and Chase in the pumpkins

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random shots of the boys

Not much going on around the Bjorgaard household in September. Which isn't always a bad thing. Eric is back to football Sundays and I'm back to a football widow on Sunday's. My volleyball is done for the season so I go though withdrawals from my Thursday nights out.

The boys are getting so big and entertaining. Chase always seems to come up with some new one liner that makes us ask "Where did he hear that from?" He loves the "New Game" as he calls it. The WII Resort sports game Eric brought. He's becoming an expert at sword fighting, ping pong, archery, and basketball. You can tell this kid is a Bjorgaard as he could play the WII all day long if you let him. (just like his dad and uncles)

Brayden is rolling all around now. He is still full of smiles and enjoys watching and touching Fonzie. He however doesn't enjoy rice cereal. We will keep trying but not a good 1st reaction. We are working on getting him to sit by himself. Could be his big head but he pretty much falls right over. He does enjoy standing up though. So this one could be an earlier walker like Chase was.

Here are some random shots I've taken over the last month. Enjoy Fall everyone!!