Monday, October 4, 2010

Random shots of the boys

Not much going on around the Bjorgaard household in September. Which isn't always a bad thing. Eric is back to football Sundays and I'm back to a football widow on Sunday's. My volleyball is done for the season so I go though withdrawals from my Thursday nights out.

The boys are getting so big and entertaining. Chase always seems to come up with some new one liner that makes us ask "Where did he hear that from?" He loves the "New Game" as he calls it. The WII Resort sports game Eric brought. He's becoming an expert at sword fighting, ping pong, archery, and basketball. You can tell this kid is a Bjorgaard as he could play the WII all day long if you let him. (just like his dad and uncles)

Brayden is rolling all around now. He is still full of smiles and enjoys watching and touching Fonzie. He however doesn't enjoy rice cereal. We will keep trying but not a good 1st reaction. We are working on getting him to sit by himself. Could be his big head but he pretty much falls right over. He does enjoy standing up though. So this one could be an earlier walker like Chase was.

Here are some random shots I've taken over the last month. Enjoy Fall everyone!!

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