Monday, October 18, 2010

Brayden turns 5 Months

Starting to love the jumpy

This would be on Eric's watch

He's eating carrots here

Brayden turned 5 months on Wed. the 13th. Happy to report he's doing really well. A couple nights a week he will sleep all the way though the night. He's still enjoying 3 naps a day (I wish I could get in 3 cat naps a day). After we tried rice cereal the other week and he wasn't loving it we decided to give him some veggies too. We started those last week and so far so good. No true favorite yet but he's enjoying peas, green beans, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes. He is rolling all over the place and I swear sometimes he will crawl when you aren't looking. You can lay him down on the floor and walk away only to come back and he has rolled half way across the room. He also enjoying sticking everything into his mouth he can. Pretty sure he's working on some teeth. He loves to drool all over himself, you, the floor, you put anything by him and there is drool on it. He's getting stronger every day. When you put him in the bouncy seats or the swing he just pulls himself up to a sitting position. Still loves it when Fonzie gets in his face and when Chase takes the time to talk to him too.

We were at home this last weekend so I took the chance to cuddle with him lots. I'm happy to report both Brayden and mommy got some nap cuddle time in. They are the best times!!

His stats: weight=18lbs length=27 inches

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