Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brayden the Bird @ The Little Gym

Brayden also has been going to a class at the Little Gym.  His class is a parent and me class.  So for the first session we scheduled it on Eric's day off so they could have some bonding time.  Eric said Brayden wasted no time exploring the place and trying out all the different equipment.  He doesn't always hang out at the big red mat with the others because that would take away from his exploring time.  This is a great way for the kid that never stops moving to climb, jump, and fall in a padded area!!!  He like Chase got the "Get Moving" award.  I'm guessing it's maybe just boys but these two never sit still and even the teachers at the Little Gym see it.  Not a bad thing they just love to keep everyone moving. 
Here are some pictures from Brayden's class.

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