Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes I did Survive Girls Weekend!!

I didn't blog at all last week but I'm still here and survived yet another unforgettable girls weekend. My camera took a little tumble on Friday night on our way back from the bar so it's with the Geek Squad at Best Buy getting repaired. (so no pictures from Girls weekend until I can get it back and get it off my memory card).
The last week I had to find other means of taking photos. Eric got us a great Canon EOS Rebel camera but I have to admit I'm scared of it. It's fancy and I haven't taken the time to really learn how to use it (another thing not done while out on maternity leave). I need to learn how to use it before these guys get to big and start locking themselves in their rooms. And they don't want their dear old mom taken a ton of pictures every day. (lets hope that is years from now)

So getting back to girls weekend. It was a perfect weekend at Breezy Point. We had some rain but it came and went at the right times and didn't damper our tanning hours or bar hours. Our cabin was perfect for the 8 of us. It had a nice screened in porch so we gathered out there for games, drinks, shots, and to eat.

On Friday morning us city girls stopped at Grand Casino Milacs in hopes of making a "Grand Casino story". This didn't happen but I'm happy to report "The Monkees'" slot machine was nice to me and brought me from $50 down to being $50 up. We got some sun on Friday at the beach and headed back to our cabin for dinner, drinks, and game called "Things" (really fun!), and let us not forget shots. We stayed on the Breezy Point resort the whole time. The Dockside bar had a great band that kept us on the dance floor for most of the evening. When it was time to leave we walked the block back to our cabin and hit the beds.
Now you would think with no kids I could sleep in but being I had to much to drink and a horrible headache Saturday morning I was up at 7. I started talking to "my buddy" Kara and we soon had the whole cabin up. On Saturday we rented a pontoon boat from the resort for 4 hours. It was a really nice boat and besides the 1st hour of clouds the rest of the time went great. We pulled up to an island on Pelican Lake that everyone hangs out at and just soaked in the sun. (The island even has 2 goats that live there.) We had the boat back just in time for the rain to come.

On Saturday night we did much of the same thing: eat, drink, play games, gossip, take shots, and head to the bar again. When heading back from bar that night we encountered a naked local man. I guess on the weekends he likes to hang outside at his cabin naked and listen to the reactions he gets from passer byes. He got a couple choice words from our group.

Like I said in the beginning another great weekend with great friends. I wish we could do this more often. It's like we are back in school again with no real responsibilities. We all love our families but it's a well deserved break from them. We now have a couple more one liners to add to our list of insults and inside jokes. And I'm up $35 since the person's name I had puked 1st (Jeanne).

Love you ladies and can't wait until next year! Until than "BEAT IT!!" and SHOT SHOT SHOT!

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