Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My little Joe Mauer

Chase has really been enjoying playing baseball this summer and he's getting pretty good. As he says he hits lots of "home runs" and he "rips it" quiet a bit. We let him play in the house with a soft ball but that is becoming a little dangerous. Lucky for us the park a couple blocks away has a baseball field that is rarely used by anyone. Since being back to work I try and make a point of taking him there on Sat mornings. Russ has been taking him there on the days it doesn't rain. Brayden mostly takes a cat nap in the shade. Chase burns off a ton of energy running the bases (or running after the ball every time he hits it-doesn't fully understand the whole game yet).
Every once in a while he'll even let us hit the ball. The other day the Park and Rec guy at the park couldn't believe he was only 2 because he was hitting the ball so hard. Majors here we come!!

Since this was daddy's favorite sport he's enjoying teaching him the game. Maybe Brayden will be a volleyball man?

Here is some video of Russ and him playing in he back yard. Sorry so shaky I was holding Brayden in the other hand.

Also here is some video of him singing "Take me out to the ball game".

Here is a pic of his new Twins hat Uncle Russ brought him. Add ImageThe one Grandpa got him was getting to small (Bjorgaard heads).

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