Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve Weekend

Another year has come and gone just like that. We were very happy to welcome Brayden in 2010!!! A second boy was such a surprise and one day the two of them will be best friends (I hope?).

We spent New Years Eve at our house with good friends. We all have kids so a baby-sitter for a 6 year old, 3-2 year olds, and 2-7 month old probably doesn't exist. We did the usual apps, drinks, and games. This year it even included jello-shots which we finished all 48 of them!! Eric of course had to work on New Years Day but lucky for him it was a shorter schedule. We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging low.

On Sunday Chase and I went to a movie in the afternoon MegaMind. It was pretty cute. Than after his nap we brought the boys bowling. Chase is a pro at this on the WII and is currently trying to master it on the Xbox Kinnect too. So it was no surprise he knew what to do when we got to the bowling alley.
Here are some photos from our night at the lanes. Sad to say for Eric and I but Chase almost beat us the second game. I don't think I had been bowling since I was prego with Chase 3 years ago. We will be back since he enjoys it so much. Brayden also enjoyed just sitting in his car seat and checking the lights and people out.
A great night to end a great weekend and now onto 2011!!!

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