Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm back from a Great Christmas-New Year Break!

It's been over 2 weeks since I've blogged. We have been busy like everyone with holiday events. We all survived and reality hit me when it took me over an hour to get home from work tonight because of the little snow fall that came through during the rush hours.

Brayden has been a busy little guy these last couple weeks. He started climbing on boxes when I was packing them up to go up north. That soon followed with pulling himself up on the bottom step. Than the 1st morning we got up to TRF a little tooth came though on his lower gums. He's still army crawling but moving pretty fast now. He also is pulling himself up on everything-chairs, ottomans, exersaucer, bath tubs, the entertainment center. But with all his great achievements he's getting a little banged up. There are lots of falls taking place. I would really like to wrap him in bubble wrap until he starts to walk. Which I don't think he's far from doing. Chase starting walking around this time 2 years ago at 8 1/2 months. Brayden will be 8 months Jan 13th.

Chase enjoyed all the holiday events. He has a sweet tooth for sugar cookies. He left opening gifts to hide behind Brayden's high chair to eat cookies. (we aren't sure how many he ate before we found him). He's still really into Charlie Brown and wants to watch the Thanksgiving and Christmas show every day and many times a day. I told him the Holiday's are done we have to find something else to watch. He didn't like that answer. He had to go almost a week with out playing the WII and survived. When we were in TRF for Christmas he played a lot with his cousin Bridger. They were crazy busy!! I'm so glad I don't have twin 2 year olds. A lot of basketball was played with Grandpa. Now a days Chase is starting to see Brayden get a little more attention so he's acting out. I wouldn't not call him Brayden's #1 fan anymore. Now that he can move and get to Chase's toys faster it's war. And yet a new struggle begins big brother bully's. I'm guessing this one might last a couple years.

Myself was able to get together with all my high school buddies when I was back in TRF. Very rare we are all there around the same time. I took an afternoon and had lunch with the ladies one day. And for those that couldn't make that date I met up with Saturday night at the bars. Great to see everyone and can't wait until Girls Weekend when we will have more time together.

Eric's work was closed for 3 days in a row so he was able to join us up north just in time for Christmas. I can't say it was totally relaxing but glad it worked out once again this year to be able to go up north for the holidays.

We welcome 2011 and exicted what to see the little guys have in store for us!!!!

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