Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby News!!

So most of you already know but I figured I would put word out there for those that don't. We are expecting another little one come May. I'm 16 weeks and at my appointment yesterday everything was good. We figured let's get this kids stuff out of the way and also figured Chase needed a playmate. (He's not a huge fan of Fonzie and feeling is mutual)
My due date is May 19th but I'll be doing a c-section so will be going earlier than that. Our next appointment is the ultrasound but we won't be finding out the sex again. So at least we will have some surprise come May.
I'm doing much better these days. I was a mess most of fall. From the sickness (all day long) and no energy. I can tell you it was tough to work all day and than go home and be a mom. Not like the first time around when I spent my nights and weekends on the couch all day. But bouncing back quickly. Just in time for Christmas!!! I'm starting to show and won't be long before maternity clothes will have to come out.
We are looking for names as right now we have nothing. I'll be sure to keep everyone in the blog world posted on the latest news.

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