Friday, September 9, 2011

My Funny Little Man!

Brayden Brayden what can I say about my little man who is almost 16 mths now!!! Well as many of you know he keeps Eric and I running.  All summer he proved to be a challenge to keep up with his mayhem.  Climbing on everything, picking up every bottle, can, electronic at his level.  Trying his hardest to be like his older brother.  Playing baseball, climbing up the pool ladder on his own, at the park going to the bigger slides instead of the smaller ones, running faster than his little legs are ready for him too.  He has taken many falls this summer but always gets back up with out a tear.  He is a strong little man and at his 15mth appointment his height was at 33 3/4 inches which puts him in the 96%.  His weight was only 24lbs (45%) which since he never sits still not to shock by that. 
He is fast becoming my little diva.  We are working on no more bottle but may times we get a look and a tantrum when we hand him a sippy cup.  A look of how dare you give me this thing and quickly throws it down and cries.  He wants to do a lot of stuff by himself but doesn't realize it's not good to climb on top of the table or climb up the stove or walk outside by himself.
Oh the joys!!  But won't change it for anything.  He's healthy, play full, and I can only hope one day will love to cuddle with me again like he did the first year of his life. 
Brayden is starting to say words and has all summer. A lot of the time we can't make them out yet but he does say Thank You, baby, good-bye, mom, dad, chase, turn green right now (picked that one up from Chase in the car), and lots of why's. 
He loves when I get the camera out and always says "Cheese" with a big smile as you can see from the pictures below. 

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