Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday 222 Van Buren!!

I can't believe it but it's true. We have lived in the Van Buren Villa (aka Bjorgaard Inn) now for 6 years. It has went by fast!! We found this building site by Ryland homes on our way home from the gym Feb 2003. We were renting at the time a couple miles farther north and figured we had the time to swing by and take a look at the model home. It was fate!

We were able to pick out what model we wanted and we decided on all the interior. We surprisingly agreed on almost everything very easily. It was a true test seeing as we where getting married in less than a year.
The house has seen many guests over the years and we enjoy having the space to put people up. I believe one New Years we had 11 adults and 5 kids spend the night. We continue to enjoy the guests even though one guest room has been filled up by Chase and another by his Manny uncle Russ.

Though my hopes is to one day have a yard I have no regrets about the place. No yard work or snow removal has been nice for our family that has someone that works late many nights & weekends. The walls are all painted now and the rooms are filled. We slowly are growing out of it. But like Eric always reminds me I grew up in a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom house. How much more space do I need?
So to possibly another 6 years???!!!
I have posted a picture of moving in week and one from tonight. Pretty much the same hope it contiunes to hold up!

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