Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby update

At my 38 week appointment there was nothing new to report. I'm on track for c-section next Thursday. Doctor said the c-section should take about 45 mins. I'll have some recovery time before I can join Eric and baby in our room. If all is going well I could leave Sat but most likely I'll stay until Sunday. No contractions or any other sign of labor so I'm planning on working until Wed next week. One more dr appointment next Tuesday and that should be it.

Lots to do this weekend to get ready for the baby. A couple more things to get but wow what a difference from shopping from the 1st kid. Pretty much have everything unless this baby is a girl than we will have to do some shopping.

Not a great belly shot I'll get one next week before we head to the hospital. Chase is always so darn cute in his bath towels so I had to get a picture. This towel was from Auntie Krista. It has his name embroidered on it. Might need another one soon Krista (hint hint)

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