Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brayden's first bath

They gave Brayden his first bath a couple hours after he was born. I was stuck in bed so I wasn't able to see it but Eric and his nieces who were up for a visit got to see it. Here are some pictures.

On his first day into the world he had a lot of vistors. Grandma/Grandpa Char/Randy, Brandi, and Randy's daughter Amy came to visit. The SLP Bjorgaard's were up there too. As well as mommy's good friend Kara. And of course Uncle Russ and Big Brother Chase (I didn't get pictures of everyone who was up there to visit since I was bed ridden and still kind of out of it) Grandma Char took a lot of pictures and I'll have to get those from her and post any good ones later.

Here some photos from his 1st bath.

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