Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Brayden Edward Bjorgaard to the Bunch

Cutting the cord

Dr Eric

After 9 mths of waiting out newest addition is here. And to both our surprise it's another boy!!

On Thursday, May 13th we went about our morning same as always. We had breakfast with Chase (his fav blueberry muffins) and played with the big guy. When it was time for us to leave Chase wanted to come with us so I got a little sad. But Uncle Russ picked him up and told him they were heading to the park and he was fine with us leaving than.

Let me tell you very strange experience a scheduled c-section. You walk to admitting they bring you back to your room. Let you get into that sweet nightgown with the open back. Hoop into bed and than they start the 100 questions and the poking. Blood work, iv drip, some really nasty stuff to drink (helps with your stomach) and 100 more questions. Than when all that's done and it's time you walk down to the surgery room yourself. No ride on a bed just like you are taking a walk down the hall. You get onto this small cold table and they start their thing. It all goes very fast. They put a bunch more medical things on you. Blood pressure, heart rate monitors, chest things. Than they poked the block into my back and that was pretty much it from the chest down. A couple mins and you can't feel anything but are totally awake. Very strange feeling. The doctor came in the sheet went up and than Eric was brought in to sit next to me.

I really didn't feel anything but once in a while felt pressure which they told me each time when I would. I was interested in knowing what they were doing down there but Eric wasn't. When it was time the doctor announced I see a lot of hair. At that point I was like "oh a little girl". Than at 12:06pm he announced it's a BOY!!! We both looked at each with surprise. Than Eric jumped up to see if it was true. I would of liked to seen the look on my face. Eric said it was kind of a look of terror or disbelief. Brayden started crying right away they cut the cord brought him to another room that is warmer. Eric headed into there with him and I just lied there while the Drs talked about camping at the Boundary Waters and put me back together.

In the baby room they check him out and took all his measurements. He weighed 7 pounds 8 oz. and was 21 inches long. His head was 14 inches. Eric was able to cut the cord and than they clean him up. Eric brought him in so I could check him out. I have to say he looked Perfect!! Eric, baby, and nurse headed back to our room waiting for my arrival.

Once they finished up on me they wheeled me back to our room and finally I was able to hold my newest little boy!!! I'm happy to report everything went down great and neither Brayden or I had any issues.

Here are pictures of Brayden's first day into this world.

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  1. He really is a good looking baby, color and all! Congrats!! I can't wait to meet your newest addition!!!