Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More photos of Brayden and heading home!

Brayden day #3
Chase and his new Buzz Lightyear buddy

Naked shot of Brayden

Heading home. This outfit was to big but I thought I would have another big baby.

Eric and his boys at nap time.

Our stay in the hospital went pretty good. Eric stayed with us the first night and didn't get much sleep not so much because of the baby but because the nurses come in every 2 hours to check in on me. The second day I was able to get rid of the iv and stuff and get up. I was pretty swollen from the stuff they give you so that first trip out of bed was a quick one. But it was nice because I could finally get to Brayden in the bassinet.

Russ and Chase came to visit after their trip to the MOA. Also Kara, Sarah, auntie Deb and the McBride's came to visit. So it was a busy evening. Eric and Chase got up there and pretty much had to leave again. Eric had got me the pamper me massage from the hospital. They come into your room and give you a full massage plus scrub treatment on your feet. It was a very relaxing hour.

The rest of the stay was pretty quite but that was o.k. I got plenty of rest and adjusted to breast feeding a baby. Chase never took and Brayden did right away. So we will give it a try for a while.

We were able to leave on Sunday morning. We had to pick up Chase at the Rislov's on the way home and it was very weird to have 2 boys riding in the back seat.
We feel so blessed to have 2 healthy little guys. And although I would of liked having a girl Chase has brought a lot of fun I never expected with a boy. And who knows maybe we will try for that girl. But let us get though Brayden's first year and asks us again.

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