Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to work for Jenny

It's with a heavy heart I type this post. Tomorrow I head back to the real world of work. I don't know where the 10 weeks went. Our adventure started May 13th and we welcome a great little boy to our bunch. Brayden is such a great baby. Being so less stressed out with the 2nd child it made things easier. He has his fussy times but usually means he needs to eat or just wants to be held. I will miss the hour long cuddling sessions with him each day. He's such a smiley baby. And make any baby talk to him and he smiles this big grin (looks a lot like Eric's smile). I forget how big they get so fast. I'm excited to see Chase and him play together but I will cherish this time now as a baby.

Than there is the Chase monster. Everyday a new sentence or cute phrase comes out of his mouth. He's so smart and picks up on everything these days. It amazes me how he remembers places now. From the coffee shop to the restaurants to the parks. His little mind sure is soaking everything in. Through Russ continued his Manny duties with Chase each day it was great to hang out with him and see this kid in action. He's growing to such a little man so fast. I will miss our mid afternoon popsicles each day on the chairs out front.

There is also the Fonzie to report on. We finally took him back to the vet for his allergies. He had 2 different kinds of infection but I'm happy to report after 8 days of pills is on the mend. He has seemed like a puppy again this last week. He's more awake, not itching so much, and he's even doing laps again like his old self. This treatment for him was long overdue. Only sorry we waited so long but hopefully the worst is over and he can feel like his old self again.

I never thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom and still not sure I do. But I'm very Thankful for these last 10 weeks to watch my little boys grow (and the fact that the weather was nice too didn't hurt). I will always remember this time I had with them as one of the best times in my life. Thanks Boys!!

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