Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th of July!!

This year again we made the long trip up the road to Crystal to the Rislov's backyard. Long are the days where we head to the lake for a 3 day drunk fest. Now it's all about entertaining the kids and trying to get a couple drinks in there too.

Chase won't get into the pool the first day but we got him in there the 2nd day. And he liked it so I'm thinking swimming lessons this fall so he gets more comfortable in the water. The 2 year olds played pretty good together. And the babies while they pretty much just slept.

The guys got a couple rounds of frisbee golf in while the ladies tried to get some sun. We all played a round of holy board too. Eric and I ended up on a team and we will just say out of 5 teams we placed while at 5th place. Need to practice up again for that game. But only out $10 so not bad.

Chase feel asleep before the backyard fireworks. So maybe next year both our boys can witness a good firework display somewhere.

Glad the weather held out and hopefully next year Eric can have an extra day off so we can enjoyed it even more.

Brayden and Landon-Brayden is 4 days older

Avery, Addy, & Chase enjoying the many toys in the back yard

Chase with the boys in the pool

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