Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bjorgaard Boys get a new ride

You can tell we are in a different stage in our lives when we think a new fancy stroller is the bomb. Since Russ took over full Manny duties on Thursday we had to get him something so both boys can ride in style on their trips to the parks. The Baby Trend Sit and Stand is what we ended up getting. I love this stroller because it has the option for a car seat and regular seat. And the back seat also comes out and there is a platform so Chase can stand in back too (for when he gets a little bigger). It will be really useful for the mall trips because I can still buckle him in and he can't escape me.
We took out the new stroller Sat morning to the park to play baseball. Brayden feel asleep right away and enjoyed a nap while Chase and I played a little ball.
Here are some shots of the new stroller. Only thing is it's kind of heavy to push. But with a 30 lb kid, car seat, baby, and the stroller itself what am I to expect. Hopefully I can gain a little muscle pushing this thing around.
Here are a few shots of the new ride.

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  1. I just started looking for twin stroller myself...good times huh!!