Friday, July 16, 2010

Brayden's 2 mth stats

Brayden turned 2mths on 7/13. I've really have notice a difference in the little man the last couple days. He's awake for longer periods of time and is starting to smiling much more and try to talk to us. He's not sleeping through the night but he does have a 5 hr stretch each night. (so if I just learned to go to sleep at that time maybe I won't be so tired everyday).

He had his 2mth check up and got rave reviews from the doctor. They were impressed on how well he held his head up and how strong he was. He did get 4 shots which is always painful to watch. He cried for a while but by the time we left the parking lot he was asleep.

Brayden's stats:
Weight-12lbs 7oz-75%
Length-24 inches-90%
Head-16 inches-60%

Brayden at 2 mths
I brought out the activity mat since he's starting to notice more things. He's pretty entertained by the stuff he gets to look at. Chase also feels like he needs to be on the mat checking out things too. In this shot Brayden looks to have had enough of his big brother.

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