Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Boy's 1st Drive-In movie

We made a last minute decision on Saturday night to join the SLP Bjorgaard's at the Cottage Grove Drive-in. We got the kids in their pj's put on some comfy clothes ourselves. I grabbed some snacks, blankets, and pillows and away we went. The kids movie Despicable Me and the Sorcerer's Apprentice were playing. Our niece Brandi works there so she got us a good deal.

We got there with a couple mins to spare. Chase jumped in the back seat with the girls and they had a little slumber party in the back. Eric adjusted the seats on the Flex for tailgating and we were able to watch the movie in comfort.

We only stayed for the 1st movie Despicable Me. I have to say it was a cute movie wasn't expecting much so it was a nice surprise. I don't do Nicholas Cage so the 2nd movie was out. Plus it was well pass Chase's bedtime and ours too.

Brayden didn't get much out of his 1st experience at the movies. He slept the entire time we were there.

Chase on the other hand enjoyed himself. He maybe didn't pay close attention to the movie but he ate his weight in snacks. Popcorn, Cheetos, and candy. He ate from the time he got there until the time we left.

We will be doing this again soon. Cheap date and good entertainment for all!!!

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